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  1. I still have some goodies to add - mostly eye candy since I have access to a laser but also a 7" LCD screen which will be placed in front of the PSU for system monitoring. When I have everything together I'll post a full project summary with lots of pics. As you can see I made a few modifications to the Core P5 including dropping the Video card bracket to allow one vertical and one horizontal, this necessitated fabrication of new brackets so the PSU could be mounted horizontally. I also mounted the radiator perpendicular to give a little more room allowing SSD's to be mounted sideways and give more room for the reservoir. The one pic with the acrylic in place shows the two cards horizontal while waiting for the replacement cable Mike sent out which works like a champ.
  2. Mike - I received the new cable and finally had a chance to try it out this weekend...this build has been very slow because of my insane hours at work. It works perfectly! I was a little worried when you posted that it was shorter - you can see from my pics that mine is set up differently than any other I've seen. I lowered the Video card bracket to allow one card horizontal and the other vertical. The card also has to be in the outside position on the bracket in order to clear the "back panel" bracket so length was a concern, but it spans the distance just right. I have a few more goodies to add and I'll post a proper project summary with lots of pics. Thank you Mike, ya done good! edit: I just realized, that one photo with the acrylic in place shows the two cards both horizontal which I had to do while waiting for the new cable...so glad the new one worked!
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