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  1. New Riser cable fitted today....everything works perfectly now......Thanks to ThermalMike.
  2. Update on the riser cable temp fix.......now starting to get stuttering on my dreamscene.....not a total fix but no black screens and boots into windows ok.....i might shield my sound card to see if that makes a difference? EDIT.....no difference. Double EDIT....Tried to play Black ops 3 again that was perfect earlier and it wouldn't even load the map it just ground to a halt then black screened.....i could tell it was going to do this as even the menus were lagging so bad. So then i rebooted and entered the game again and turned all the eye candy off....and i mean off....everything on low and at the lowest settings possible for the game.....this time it allowed me into the game, but it was so laggy it was unplayable. Strange i was playing it earlier with no problems? So then i made sure the riser cable was pushed home into the motherboard (which it was) and i also curved the riser cable and bent it about......low and behold everything is now ok....turned black ops 3 up full again and smooth as glass. So maybe its due to either being kinked or maybe needs to be situated further away from the gpu pcb? Has anyone done a fraps test with and without the riser cable.....i would try but my GPU wont fit on the mobo as it fouls the tubing going to the CPU. It would be interesting to know if we were losing any frames due to this cable......keeping up with the latest graphics cards can mean the difference between 20/30 fps for the latest and greatest cards compared to the last generation of cards.....and if we are losing a significant amount of fps due to this cable it's a bit of a rip when ive just spent £425.00 not long ago on a new graphics card only to have the same or even less fps than my old graphics card.
  3. Temp Riser Cable Fix. Hey everyone, just finished my P5 build the other day and mine took about 4 reboots to get into windows then kept getting black screens. I then remembered seeing a couple of posts about the riser cables causing this very problem so i contacted Thermalmike for a replacement cable....he got back to me within an hour even tho im in the UK and i gave him my details etc. I am quite an impatient guy and obviously receiving my new cable from the USA to the UK isn't gonna be quick so I looked for a temp fix. I was convinced this fault was due to shielding after reading a few posts and remembered years ago i had a Bass guitar that had shielding issues due to the electromagnetic interference from the on board pre amp and the pick ups resulting in a low hum when plugged into the main Amp. I cured this by replacing the EMI aluminum tape that had came away which then fixed the problem. So i hunted around my shed for the tape and proceeded to try the same solution. After applying the ally tape i rebuilt it and and prayed to the PC gods to be lenient with me ....as you do. Pressed the power button and within moments it booted straight into windows......woo hoo. The next test was to wait for my Deskscapes dreamscene to either freeze or black screen, which normally happens within 2 minutes or less.....it has been over 30 minutes now and i am still good.
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