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  1. New Riser cable fitted today....everything works perfectly now......Thanks to ThermalMike.
  2. Update on the riser cable temp fix.......now starting to get stuttering on my dreamscene.....not a total fix but no black screens and boots into windows ok.....i might shield my sound card to see if that makes a difference? EDIT.....no difference. Double EDIT....Tried to play Black ops 3 again that was perfect earlier and it wouldn't even load the map it just ground to a halt then black screened.....i could tell it was going to do this as even the menus were lagging so bad. So then i rebooted and entered the game again and turned all the eye candy off....and i mean off....everything
  3. Temp Riser Cable Fix. Hey everyone, just finished my P5 build the other day and mine took about 4 reboots to get into windows then kept getting black screens. I then remembered seeing a couple of posts about the riser cables causing this very problem so i contacted Thermalmike for a replacement cable....he got back to me within an hour even tho im in the UK and i gave him my details etc. I am quite an impatient guy and obviously receiving my new cable from the USA to the UK isn't gonna be quick so I looked for a temp fix. I was convinced this fault was due to shielding after read
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