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  1. I wish I would have made a build video. Moving forward I am making videos during the build process for all my rigs.
  2. Fluid Color Additive Leak testing... Completed Benchmarks... Completed Stress Tests... Completed Now its time to add pretty colors to the fluid loops! Sticking with Mayhem's Pastel additives, as I used the Pastel Blue in my current rig, and after 1 year, it still looks great. Haven't experienced the particulate settling issues some have reported, possibly because of the speed my pumps run. Whatever the reason, it has been great for me, and I'm excited to see how it looks in this build. The fill process is pretty bas
  3. Leak Testing, Benchmarks, and Temps After a lot of frustration, the cables are done and its time to move on to the more fun parts of finishing up the build. Now that everything is in place, we can begin to make sure our connections are sound and start filling up the loops. Being that we are dealing with 2 loops here, leak testing is going to take a while. Bring on the distilled water! In the picture above on the left is the rig ready to be filled. The the right we have gone through that process, and have booted up for the first time with liquid. I basically let it sit l
  4. Asking in the wrong place, but No, I don't think the Xbox 360 can play Blu-ray with in internal disc player.
  5. Project Ecthelion: Sleeved Cables... CableMod sucks Been a while between my last post and this one. During that time we sold our home and moved, had various work trips, and went on a family vacation. Back from all that, and ready to finish this build! With the tubing done, and the small stats display screen involved, it is time to run all the various power cables to the components in the case. In the past I have always made my own sleeved cables and they came out really well. For this build, the owner wanted cables from CableMod, so we took to the configuration tool t
  6. Stats Screen & Case Lighting Now that the bulk of the components have been installed in the system, I wanted to add a small display screen to the case to show loads and temps at a glance using NZXT CAM as a dashboard. Same idea that I used on my current build, Project Open Core as seen below, although the display on that case is larger than what we will be using with the Tower 900. We are also using NZXT HUE+ to control the exhaust fans and RGB LED strips on the case, so it will all tie together nicely. I wasn't sure what size screen to go with at first
  7. Pumps & Tubing Now that all the waterblocks and radiators have been installed, its time to get the tubing runs completed. This build will have a combination of hard and soft tubing. We are using 2x Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Res/Pump Combos for power our loops. These are supposed to be fairly silent, so hoping for good results here. For the Hardline parts, we are using standard PETG Tubing 1/2" ID, 5/8" OD (16mm). To connect to these tube, we will be utilizing Monsoon Hardline Economy fittings v2. I have used Monsoon fittings before with good success, but this was m
  8. Radiators & Fans This will be a fairly quick update at there isn't much to this part of the build, but there are some important steps that I didn't want to skip over. As seen in the earlier loop diagram, this build will have 2 loops, and dual Radiators. We will be using XSPC EX360 Radiators that have been painted white. For the fans, Corsair ML120 Magnetic Levitation Static Pressure x6. Before we started installing the actual radiators, we flushed them with white vinegar to remove any particulates. These particular radiators weren't that bad, but still had some float
  9. Custom RGB LEDs Strips With all the waterblocks assembled, its time to get our block lighting squared away. The case lights will be RBG, but will most likely stay a soft white glow to allow the case components to we lit well. The waterblocks on the other-hand will take full advantage of the RGB elements of their own LED strips. The EK Monoblock has its own RGB strip, so we are going to make 2x additional ones for the waterblocks. Heatkiller apparently has a RGB strip for these blocks, but I didn't know that when I star
  10. Acrylic Divider MOD Although I really like the Thermaltake Tower 900, there are a few things that visually I want to change. It has some large cavities towards that back that are made to route cables and tubing. In function is is fine, but I don't like the way its looks, along with the extra row of holes and grommets. So I decided to use a section of white acrylic to cover up the areas that I find unsightly. Here is a rough sketch of what I planned to do. In addition to wrapping the acrylic around the central storage area, I will also drill out holes for th
  11. RAM Heatsink Color MOD Continuing with the color theme we have going for the case, GPUs and Motherboard, we need to modify the 64GB of GSkill Trident Z RAM we have going into this system. The actual heatsinks are great, with a gunmetal finish, but the red plastic highlights have to go. Bring on the Spray Paint! These were a bit trickier than larger components as I wasn't able to hang them from a wire like I normally do when painting. Having them propped up a bit worked, and I let them dry overnight to ensure the paint wouldn't easily rub or scratch off.
  12. GPU Acrylic Backplates / SLI Bridge Now that we have some really nice looking white GPU Waterblocks, we needed some backplates to match. Originally we were going to purchase metal backplates, and just paint them as we did the waterblock shrouds. Luckily we came across another option that allowed for further customization and required no additional painting! A company called V1 Tech offers a lot of different design options for both the “logo” and colors. Install of these backplates is pretty easy, and there are 2 options you can choose. You can use small rare earth mag
  13. Waterblock Install GPU / CPU We will be using a total of 3 waterblocks for this build. To cool the Nvidia Titan X GPUs, we selected a Heatkilller Nickel Acrylic block. The pictures online made it look like the shroud around the acrylic was white, which would have matched our theme well. When they arrived, we found that they are actually a polished chrome look. So I took out the matte white spray paint, and went to town. After a few coats, we had the exact look we originally wanted when purchasing these blocks. Much better!
  14. Before jumping into the next part of the build, wanted to quickly explain the name of the project for those that don’t consider themselves “Tolkien Nerds”. The Tower of Ecthelion, also known as the White Tower, was a tall white tower atop Minas Tirith which contained the throne of the King of Gondor. That is where the name comes from, and I thought it very fitting for the particular case we are using in this build.
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