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  1. hi, Thanks for these tips, im looking at getting the wp200 so im sure alot of this will still apply how good is the finish on the case? im concerned about how easy it might be to scratch, with the price in mind i intend keeping the case for quite some time with the 5.25 bays i run 2 fan controllers, blueray drive, duelbay res and duel pump combo, and will be adding in the asus panel when i get that board at a later date, so ill be using around 6 or 7 (i use a single slot ssd caddy atm so might want to leave that in anyway not really decided, since the case does not come with enough brackets and thermaltake don't seem to sell them any ideas where i would get some from? do they attach in from the front then bend round to be flush or do they attach in from the back and sit flush? would one set be solid enough to hold a duel reservoir and duel pump combo? the alternative was to mount it at the bottom and provide some additional support with some rubber feet to reduce noise carrying through the case Time to hunt down some new casters...
  2. Any idea on when the WP200 will be available in the uk? is there a timescale on when the parts will be available? i can see you have used them but they are not on your site for any country?
  3. Hi, The case picture shows it can support more than 3 external bays where can i purchase the additional items needed? whats the maximum size and thickness of rads that can be used at the same time on the front right and the top and bottom of the W200? is there any estimate of when Scan.co.uk might be getting these cases in for order? the WP100 is still showing preorder with no sign of the WP200 on the site yet? thanks for any help you can give
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