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  1. I'm sure this will go down as one of the dumbest threads ever but here we go. I bought a P5 (the original version) maybe 3 years ago and it's been doing great. I finally need to replace a dead HDD so I've taken it off the wall and I cannot figure out how to get the thing open. I swore that the back panel slid away from the power button (when staring at the back, slide right) but I absolutely cannot budge it. I've tried just pulling straight back too but that doesn't help. I'm not sure if it's just stuck or if being hung from the wall somehow deformed the metal or if I'm just complete
  2. A few months back TT support sent me a new cable and I finally took the time to install it. Guess what happened? It fried my graphics card. No video at all when I turn it on. Swapping back to the old cable still gives no video. Onboard graphics still work so I'm using that for now. What do you say, TT support? I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the response is "lol, enjoy buying a new one" but I'm open to surprises. What started as the best customer service around has turned into a company I never want to do business with again. Not that losing a single customer really matter
  3. Thanks Mike and broken_pixel. Mike, I'm sending you an email with my details and a question about extra riser card metal pieces. I went through my parts box and I don't see another one in there, but I do have about a millions screws I can trade for one.
  4. I have two questions about these new riser cables. 1) What issues would I be seeing with the originals? I received my case in November 2015 and I think I got the old cables (folded taco style). I experience display driver crashes maybe once a day, but the card works normally otherwise. Could this be the cable or can I blame Windows 10 safely? 2) I want to add a 2nd card onto the riser / whatever it's called where the cards are facing outwards towards me, so I'll need another cable and another one of those metal attachments that connects the cable to the horizontal expansion slots. If I
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