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  1. hmm well that is a little disappointing to hear :(.


    Judging from the few shots I had seen of the software I didn't have that high of hopes for the but hopefully they will improve on what they have with community input and i'm sure they'll have that RPM bug fixed shortly, because that is crippling.

    I am pretty sad to hear there is no way to sync all of the fans (3+ or more than 1 controller) to a single color. Kind of the hole purpose of these over the standard Riing fans was to easily get more than 3 synced up together.


    To confirm: If you have 9 fans (3 controllers), you do not have the ability to change the color of all 9 fans at once? You need to change 3 at a time per each controller?


    Unfortunately, If you need to constantly try and get the same color per 3 fans, that may be a deal breaker for me :(

  2. Hi,


    We are working on the new product launch at this time.

    Right now we are pending the press release, scheduled for next week.


    I am working on getting the fans in stock once the PR is released I can go live.

    This is more info than I normally give our on a product launch, but I want to try to give you all accurate idea because I manage it here in the USA :P

    Appreciate your post and feedback.

    Really appreciate the heads up Mike. Very much looking forward to the press release and having them in my soon to be PC. I'm sure they will be well worth the wait.

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