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  1. Once again, I want to first apologize for Using a different chassis in the end from a competitor but at the same time, I still used the chassis for a friends rig I gave him. Also Btw, I won some TT peripherals back then too I haven't used so I hooked him up with a new mouse n keyboard =) He says thanks to Thermaltake! as regardless, you guys when I won stuff helped me help him.
  2. So, I decided to do this last night, and then take pics in the morning. I am SORRY THERMALTAKE! But it had to be done. Don't worry, I still used the chassis to swap with =) Here is the rig my friend is going to get, Still far better than his current. I got it as good looking I could for him, He needs to pick it up already! haha. Then, While I went off and did that, Of course I had to swap out the new rig as well, and here it is! Look at Radeon Lurking in the shadows! And of course side panel off so you can see the rest. And a no flash. I facepalmed when I was changing
  3. I think I just may be in trouble with this Chassis, I had to add another fan, stress the PSU Cables more and also turn it into a push pull Intake instead of exhaust.
  4. Yeah, I love AIO's, Specifically Asetek, I wish this was a Asetek cooler for the CPU . But yeah, I was gonna put it in Pull for the GPU, but it just made sense to put it as push seeing that the Chassis front Fan pushes cold air into the case, so theres a more better ambient temp for the radiator getting a Fresher air intake. Than pulling what it can. Of course also I haven't looked at the static pressure of this fan either for the r9 295x2 BUT it will most likely happen eventually if I see it heat up more than id Like to, as it cooled down, so when its summer next year, Id know for sure
  5. I know its not really clean, I coulda did a few things with the Fan cables for the CPU Cooler, but I felt lazy and my hands are too big and didn't wanna pull out the tweezers haha. Also the PSU I could barely make that better but eh Work with what you got! Honestly. Idk, Some BF4, Dota 2, maybe some Wildstar and Diablo 3. While it seems over kill to everyone these days to play those games with this gpu, having the power in the future is also nice to have, as well as what if I go 4k? There goes the GPU Usage right away sometime in the future, so its necessarily not too crazy of a se
  6. So... Without Further waiting, as I tried some stuff, had to attempt stuff, and the sore back that came from juggling between 3 computers. I present to you the last and final piece that I got! INTRODUCING THE R9-295X2!!!!! Lets go over a few things. Its a Chaser A41 Snow Edition from Thermaltake I won during a giveaway, which also I won with the Kingston 16GB HyperX 1866MHz Memory Kit. Also from that giveaway was the Inwin 1200w Commander II Power Supply. Other parts not mentioned is a 120gb SSD I had, as well as a 30gb Sata 2 SSD, and 1tb Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Driv
  7. Nawh, since its 5ghz turbo, Ill keep it stock, I enjoy things stock =) I may end up running into a few hiccups with this build though... will find out tomorrow for sure if I can make something work or not. Id hate to have to change chassis
  8. Dual Expansion Slot VGA With 260mm. But also the specifications also say 255mm inner chassis and 285mm outer Chassis Just wanted to give that 260mm specified on website outside of the specification tab people didn't see =)
  9. Ok, so this is what was in the box =) FX-9590 incase those don't know.
  10. =) Shannon Robb probably been wondering what I was gonna do with this chassis since Christmas time.
  11. So, Been awhile... Thought Id post whats in the making. I'm building a new rig, and I am giving a rig to my friend for free, this is what I am starting my build around. Over today and tomorrow, I will be posting pics.
  12. Uninstall software, then Try another USB Header. Also make sure you have your Mobo drivers installed/up to date.
  13. True indeed, but I just don't know why there is a triangular shape at the palm wrest. What is the reason to it possibly? As why not just make the theron without that triangular part =P. Cause trust me, the theron has one of my favorite features, "walls around the left and right click to prevent fingers sliding off mouse". Also hope you having fun at QC darnit! haha
  14. Haha, It's all good, I rather would say something, it start being looked at more, and actually could potentially be a good idea if I said something. Hence why feedback is always appreciated =P The finger bank on the level 10m Hybrid, I honestly would not know if I would like it or hate it, My pinky ended adapting to mice over the years and like turned under my ring finger half way it seems, Maybe it would be comfortable though =)
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