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  1. Destination #2 After carefully navigating the forest back to the Origines camp (thankfully no ALI-en bandits discovered me) I take a closer look at the core artifacts. After several tests I have learned the sheer power of these modules has made them highly volatile and therefore extremely dangerous to transport. I must create a safe and stable crate/capsule if I hope to complete my journey of transporting these rare artifacts to the Atlantian Ark.
  2. Destination #1 Just another day in post-apocalyptic Europa. I, Erik Bmods, of the forest tribe Origines am on another routine hunting and gathering trip when I stumble across some unknown artifacts. Under further inspection I discover the parts I have stumbled across are the core components to mysterious artifacts from the Atlantian tribe (The only tribe whos technology managed to survive the global blackout). I must return to the camp with my find and study more. P.S. I must be cautious as there are reports of ALI-en bandits lurking in the trees
  3. ATLANTIAN ARTIFACTS The year is 2074. A global blackout has reset civilization. The people of Europe now renamed Europa have split into tribes, The Atlantians, The Crows, Crimson Republic and The Origines. I am Erik Bmods a member of the simple forest dweller tribe The Origines. I have been tasked with transporting mysterious Atlantian artifacts to their "ark". Journey: Destination #1: Record and Study Artifacts (product specs and photos) Destination #2: Design Transport Vessel (design and model project) Destination #3: Build and Assemble Transport Vessel (3d print, machine and assemble parts of project) Destination #4: Deliver Artifacts to Atlantian Ark (final photos and video of project) Now let the journey begin!
  4. Badass bro....or should I say Batass lol. This look like a really cool concept. Cant wait to see how these turn out.
  5. Cheers guys and best of luck to everyone. This was an amazing contest for sure.
  6. Well everyone, here is my entry for the Thermaltake Technology Inc 2019 Casemod Invitational season 2, The Core P5 Vault. This is a freestyle industrial design done by myself. The main idea for this project was to build an "armour" or "vault" that would open to expose the modded core p5 on the inside. To make all the moving components work I hotwired a wireless remote to 3 12V linear actuators and used various slides and guide rails to make sure everything moved smoothly. The entire mod was handmade with the exception of some 3d printed parts. I want to thank all the sponsors for supporting this event and to everyone that has supported me or any of the other modders competing: Thermaltake Technology Inc ZOTAC AMD Plextor ASRock Specs: Case: TT Core P5 TG V2 PSU: TT Toughpower PF1 ARGB 1200 watt, Platinum MOBO: Asrock x570 Steel Legend CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G SSD: Plextor 256gb M9PE NVMe GPU: Zotac RTX 2070 OC edition RAM: 32gb TT Toughram RGB Cooling: LCS: All Thermaltake Fans: TT Riing Trio 12
  7. Thanks man. I actually %100 completed the build today. These are the last pics till I post the final photos and video.
  8. Congratz on an amazing mod bro! The detailing is second to none. Best of luck!
  9. Lighting and fans work. Cable managing this mod was different to say the least lol.
  10. Thanks so much guys for the kind words! And yes max having dedicated space for modding always helps
  11. Now for painting. Water based paint is a no-no when building with mdf so used enamel primer to seal everything nicely. Then on to the colour coats. For my colour scheme I wanted to match the mobo and GPU. So Metallic black and silver are the colours I went with. After laying the colours I sealed it with a high gloss clear. Love how it has turned out so far.
  12. Next I prepared the main body for painting. Since I used MDF I needed to seal any edges to stop any kind of moisture from gettin in. Dry wall puddy is perfect for this kind of thing.
  13. Whats goin on guys! Sorry for lack of posting but its crunch time as my mod needs to be finished for the 15th to be shipped to CES. So lets get on with the updates. So I hand brushed the 2 aluminium panels that will be sandwiching the p5 and the acrylic panel that will act as a RGB diffuser.
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