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  1. So I think I have received all the hardware for the contest and it is a wall of gaming bliss lol. Thanks to AMD, Zotac, Asrock, Plextor and last but certainly not least Thermaltake for supporting us modders with these lovely goodies.
  2. Man, this work log makin me feel like Im fallin' behind lol. Great work man! Excited to see the final mod.
  3. Thanks everybody! Well I feel like I can start posting some pics of the design I am working on. I would say that I am about %90 finished and can start building next week. Also just received what I think is the final box from Thermaltake so ya......Time to get building! I will explain more about the project when the design is completely finished. Just wanted to do a quick update.
  4. The first components have arrived, cant wait to get started on this project. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400g GPU: Zotac RTX 2070 OC edition MOBO: Asrock X570 Steel Legend SSD: Plextor M9Pe NVM Express SSD 256gb
  5. What is going on guys! Erik Bmods here, super hyped to be representing Canada in this amazing contest Thermaltake has put on. A lil info on my modding background. I started out building cuustom watercooled PC's in 2015 and slowly started doing more and more case modding. I have been fortunate enough to build some great relationships with many of the well known brands, which I have done mods with at such events such as CES and Computex. I want to wish the rest of the modders Thermaltake has invited the best of luck and I'm super honored to be competing against such a talented group. More info on my project to come, till then here are a couple pics of previous mods I have built with Thermaltake. Finally I want to thank all the sponsors, Thermaltake, AMD, ZOTAC, Plextor and Asrock.
  6. Lol no need for that man, Im sure your p3 is a lot more practical than this monster lol
  7. Whats up fellow modders! I wanted to share my recent project. The concept for the project is a 4 sided dual gaming PC with a fully custom waterloop built by combining a Thermaltake core p7 and core p5 together. Specs: (ROG Side) CPU: i7-4790k MOBO: ASUS z97 ROG Ranger GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC RAM: 16gb Apacer Thunderbird DDR3 2400mhz SSD: 2 x 240gb Apacer Panther series PSU: 850 watt Thermaltake DPS Toughpower RGB 80 plus Gold Custom Waterloop: All by Thermaltake (Panther Side) CPU: i5-6400 MOBO: MSI b250 PC MATE GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC RAM: 32gb Apacer Panther Series DDR4 2400mhz SSD: 2 x 240gb Apacer Panther series PSU: 650 watt Thermaltake DPS Toughpower RGB 80 plus Gold Custom Waterloop: All by Thermaltake Hope everyone enjoys the build. Would love to hear every ones thoughts on the project. Want to say big thank you to Thermaltake and Apacer for sponsoring the project with their great products!! MOD ON!!!
  8. Love the designs already printed out one of the models for a project.
  9. Now for the final build pics featuring the TT DUDE!!!
  10. Hey guys, just did a second mod in the Thermaltake Chaser A71 that thermaltake asked me to build in. This time I decided to use the LCS that came with the chassis (TT Bigwater 850GT) as is outta the box. Now I wasnt sure about how the AIO kit would look being as I have never done a soft tube build before, but I am very happy with the results. I also just came into possession of a 3D printer and this was a great project to see what the printer can do. I was not the least bit disappointed. Hope you guys enjoy the build and HUGE shout out to Thermaltake for asking me to do this fun project. Some of the 3D printed mods. Fan Grills print models from, http://3dmakers.thermaltake.com/Download.aspx#coreP5
  11. Hey guys here is my second revision of the View 27. This is not so much a mod than a clean build with a clean paint job. The most modding went into the front panel. I had a ton of fun doing this build. I wanna say huge thanks to Andy for him supporting me as an aspiring modder. If werent for TT support I would not be able to flood the build gallery here with all my projects. Also want to say thanks to Snef Computer Design for building, Gold Wings the build that inspired me to do this build. Also JPmodified for all his modding wisdom highly recommend his YT channel for aspiring modders to learn the art.
  12. absolutely amazing work man!! My hats off to you really only wish to create something like this one day!!
  13. Bro absolutely gorgeous
  14. Hey guys. I was asked by thermaltake to do a mod in a case they have had on the market for awhile. The Thermaltake A71 Chaser LCS. They really wanted me to feature the double bay AIO watercooling system that comes with the case. Now me being me I couldn't just do a regular build with the bay res where it normally goes. So doing some custom mods to spruce up the look of the case and AIO. Now this isn't your regular AIO like a corsair h100i or something along those lines. This case comes with a fully custom loop with quick disconnects for easy draining. However I am not the biggest fan of quick disconnects. But that is the beauty of this unit. You can fully customize the loop with hard tubing if you like......which I totally intend to do. But I will still be incorporating the whole entire unit because the disconnects are very handy for easy draining and repair if needed. But I will be hiding them as they are not the prettiest things IMO. Now this isn't the first case that I would choose if were up to me, but I was pleasantly surprised with the full tower. It is for sure marketed more toward the gamer with its aggressive look (which I like a more subdued look in my cases) than a pretty living room PC. The build quality is crazy the side panles are the strongest steel out of any thermaltake chassis I have built in before. - See more at: http://techcity.tv/forum/discussion/comment/1319#Comment_1319 Hope you enjoy!! Merry Christmas. Ezgunna82
  15. Well here it is, Project Double R. Huge thanks to Thermaltake for the support. I had a ton of fun doing this build. Hope you guys enjoy!!.
  16. Front panel flipped upside down and put on hinges. Almost there....
  17. Looks great Necro!! the blue metallic is beautiful.
  18. FInal stretch leak testing with DW. Final fill will be with Thermaltake c1000 Red Opaque.
  19. This gonna be a sick build man cant wait for more!!
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