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  1. Destination #4 I made it! Erik Bmods of the Origines tribe has completed his mission! It was a grueling journey but alas, I made it to my destination. I want to thank the ancient computer brand Thermaltake for all the parts they left to be scavenged.
  2. Destination #3 Still at my 3rd destination. But the end is in sight! I managed to scavenge some reservoirs from the ancient computer brand Thermaltake to house the artifacts in and a 3 combo lock to keep them safe. Sometimes luck shines even in this post apocalyptic world.
  3. Im suddenly craving pizza lol. Looking great man!
  4. Amazing as always Mike! Congrats on another amazing project.
  5. Congrats on another amazing project ali! I love it.
  6. Man I wish I knew about those lighting panels. This is lookin amazing btw!
  7. Now my original plan was to have these machined out of aluminum, but that fell through as I couldn't find someone in time to do the job for me. So I ended up printing the parts. Now I knew I was going to have to take close up photos and video of these parts so I wanted them to be as smooth as possible to replicate the cube in the show and we all know how 3d printed parts dont look the smoothest right off the bed (why I originally wanted to have them machined from aluminum). So to make life a little bit easier I set the settings on the print to super quality, the print time was longer but layers were thinner making the part a bit easier to post process. After sanding each part using 80 grit then upping gradually to 240 grit I primed the parts with a filler primer. I then wet sanded with a 600 grit before airbrushing a custom mix of black and silver pearl as my base layer. After the base layer I weathered using the silver pearl and filled the hieroglyphs with a sky blue. I then did a final pass with a brown and black wash to dirty the parts up a bit. Now I needed to shorten the height of the modules to fit in the TT R22 reservoirs they would be housed in. So I grinded down the top bar of the heatsink so I could move the actual ram pcb higher into the heatsink. And the final look before detailing with logo. Just a taste before final pics.
  8. Ok guys stepping out of character for this post. I wanted to talk about the design and build of the "atlantian artifacts". These were the toughest part of the project as the actual RAM modules are supposed to be the star of the show right. After all the contest is called Rammod lol. I was really captivated by the design of the atlantian cube in the show the project is themed on, Tribes of Europa. The different angles and lines to me were very eye catching so I wanted to manipulate the cube design to fit the toughpower modules we are modding. I used the same cube design for all four dimms but changed each "hieroglyph" for each of the modules. Continued next post...
  9. Destination #3 I am still at my third destination but I have made much progress. I managed to assemble all the parts and complete a test fit of the crate. I must hurry though as the deadline fast approaches. I will not fail, I will complete this journey if it takes every ounce of strength in me.
  10. Your tricks wont #### me brotha lol. I know you comin with something amazing.
  11. Destination #3 I have made it half way in my journey but I must stay vigilant as the most dangerous road is still ahead. With my completed design I am now able to build and assemble the capsule/crate which will house the 4 Atlantian artifacts I discovered.
  12. Not only are you lurking in the trees, but you have this with you!?!?!?!?! Oh man I gotta be careful
  13. Destination #2 After carefully navigating the forest back to the Origines camp (thankfully no ALI-en bandits discovered me) I take a closer look at the core artifacts. After several tests I have learned the sheer power of these modules has made them highly volatile and therefore extremely dangerous to transport. I must create a safe and stable crate/capsule if I hope to complete my journey of transporting these rare artifacts to the Atlantian Ark.
  14. Destination #1 Just another day in post-apocalyptic Europa. I, Erik Bmods, of the forest tribe Origines am on another routine hunting and gathering trip when I stumble across some unknown artifacts. Under further inspection I discover the parts I have stumbled across are the core components to mysterious artifacts from the Atlantian tribe (The only tribe whos technology managed to survive the global blackout). I must return to the camp with my find and study more. P.S. I must be cautious as there are reports of ALI-en bandits lurking in the trees
  15. ATLANTIAN ARTIFACTS The year is 2074. A global blackout has reset civilization. The people of Europe now renamed Europa have split into tribes, The Atlantians, The Crows, Crimson Republic and The Origines. I am Erik Bmods a member of the simple forest dweller tribe The Origines. I have been tasked with transporting mysterious Atlantian artifacts to their "ark". Journey: Destination #1: Record and Study Artifacts (product specs and photos) Destination #2: Design Transport Vessel (design and model project) Destination #3: Build and Assemble Transport Vessel (3d print, machine and assemble parts of project) Destination #4: Deliver Artifacts to Atlantian Ark (final photos and video of project) Now let the journey begin!
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