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  1. Here is one of the final shots for clearcut. she is up and running but final pics wont be done until get right heatshrink for cables The stock cables from the PSU completely ruin the build so dont want to show pics of it like that. Put side panels on today. Still waiting for The barrow White camo cpu block also.
  2. Very cool man cant wait to see more!!
  3. well had to do emergency pump surgery/switch and put a d5 in to replace that lil alphacool pump. Didnt originally design the loop for a D5 so had to do some quick thinking but here is the test loop all closed up. Also want to give a huge shout out to a real great friend that sees potential in my work and has been kind enough to take me under his wing and teach me the ways of this great skill and art we call PC modding. Jesse of JPModified I owe you a debt I dont think I can ever repay. You are truly a huge inspiration to an aspiring modder like myself and I am so honored to have you as a teacher/mentor. With you and now a new relationship with Thermaltake there are no boundaries anymore and success lies in my hands and my hands only to take and run with. I truly hope I live up to the expectations you have for me. I have a passion for this that I havent had for anything in years and to get support from a world class modder like Jesse and a great company like Thermaltake is really a huge confidence booster. But enough of the sappy stuff lets get to the pc #### eh?
  4. Well went to leak test the loop I worked on all day and that cute lil pump I bought for this rig...........was DOA!!! F@#@##@@#$@%#$%#$$%@%$#$$#@%$$%#$#@%$#$%$@$#$%#%$#CK!!!!!! LOL
  5. Test fit closed up getting ready to flush her tonight to get red out of fittings for when the cpu clock that is going in this build shows up. THis block is a bykski that is just temporary so can test fit cand cut the tubing
  6. How did that old song go again???? was it.....Bling Bling
  7. So I have decided to scrap the back wall it has took too much time and materials to get how I want it to look. But got the false floors aligned very nicely and installed about to start planning loop
  8. So I really love this tubing and think it will accent the gpu and angle bar going into the build perfect. Have a bunch from my last project Code named: Grey Saber THought I would post a couple pics of Grey saber. The pump inn this is actually a Thermaltake p500. Now this front panel I made in memory of my late grandfather. The lil plaque thing is My grandfathers signature from a piece of art he left me.
  9. Thx bud glad I got your support!! Got me a new toy to help speed the process, U were right it does look like a sewing machine lol
  10. Made a custom tinted acrylic motherboard cover. A lot of dremmel work and filing to get this to fit nice and snug and not interfere with any slots or headers on the board
  11. Havin so much fun with this build and this case is great to mod so many options
  12. got some shiny angled bar to cover gap from false floor and FINALLY happy with the rad plate How it looks so far from top down.
  13. The gpu showed up for the build and man is it pretty, so pretty that I will not be watercooling it anymore. Which I never thought I would say lol
  14. third time the charm yes I said third lol
  15. Hey check out this rad plate I did Hey check out this rad plate I just destroyed smh
  16. Amazing work man the attention to detail is outta this world!!
  17. Did a couple different fan designs and settled on this
  18. Psu done. Wish the camo was a lil darker
  19. Thx bro really appreciate it man!! Glad you subbed!! And this build just needs one thing...............2 jpmodified custom SSD covers maybe lol
  20. Ok so managed to get all the side panels fitted and man was I nervous drilling so close to the edge, dont have enough acrylic to make another side panel if cracked lol. But everything worked out ok. Was sweatin bullets drilling the last hole on the last panel. False floor and project logo decal designed and cut
  21. Hey There, Im fairly new to the Thermaltake forums, but I just picked up a core v21 mATX chassis and wish to share my project. I have done one other build in a core x71 case, But didnt do a whole lot to it as in modding. Ill post a link to the thread I posted here in the build section. http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/49519-thermaltake-core-x71-custom-watercooled-build/ Now inspiration for this build is a clear cube mixed with a snow globe, ya dont ask me how I came up with that lol. But this case is perfect for a cube build. Now for specs, this is going to be an HDPC/Guest gaming pc. CPU: Intel i5-6400 MOBO: MSI B150 Mortar Arctic PSU: Rosewill Glacier 500w 80 Plus Bronze GPU: Sapphire RX 470 Platinum 4gb (in the mail) RAM: 16gb Crucial Ballistix SPort 2400 mhz DDR4 Storage: 240gb Adata SP550 SSD in the mail, HDD still deciding Cooling: This will be a custom loop using copper nickle plated 12mm od tubing. Still shopping for fittings and gpu block. I have a pretty cool barrow block in the mail. As for the rad I have a 240 mm Darkside xflow rad debating on whether to add another. Fans will be using basic 7 fin Rosewill fans that I will be customizing to suit the build. Oh almost forgot I have the cutest lil alphacool pump. and the star of the show Case: Thermaltake v21 mATX chassis Now Im in the very early stages of this build but here are some pics Should be back with more pics tomorrow night when parts dry. Thanks for checking out the early stages of the build hope you check back for more of Code Name: Clear Cut!! Special shout out to JP modified for his amazing builds and advise. I have recently been lucky enough to bend his ear on my recent project, and he also has not hesitated to answer any questions I have about PC Modding. Cheers EZgunna82
  22. Looking great man!! Have the same case and its amazing for custom loops.
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