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  1. I have the same problem I write the custom lighting profile on the keyboard but after I restart my PC all the custom lighting from the keyboard is gone, so I have to re apply all of them.
  2. on sale right now on amazon for 49.99 IT'S A STEAL at that price. for whoever is interested.
  3. Where is the new software, My keyboard literally resets every time I start windows and I have to re apply all the setting from software. The software also loses many profiles, freezes and hangs every time i use it. Please fix this as soon as possible, right now I don't have an RGB keyboard I have a keyboard that i have to make RGB every time I start windows 10. Macros also have to be reapplied. Please fix this.
  4. hello, I just bought this keyboard (blue switch edition) and I have a few problems. 1. whenever I hold the caps lock key, all of the LED's on the keyboard flutter and blink. same happens with the NUMBER LOCK, SCROLL LOCK and GAMING MODE KEY (top right of board). I found this when i was playing a game requiring me to hold caps lock to move faster. THIS IS A BIG CONCERN FOR ME. because when i try to play games the entire key led's flutter and distract me. 2. I have many problems with the lighting software. a. I cannot input the RGB color number correclty in the R: G: B: section. They always bug out. and also in the b. I cannot correctly rename the Sets it's very buggy, and I cannot see what i type in there. c. They Default set NAME disappears and creates duplicate profile sets all set to the Default RGB color with blank names. where i have to reset the entire profile that i am using. Basically the lighting sets are highly unstable and do not stick well. when saving and loading profiles, I also find a lot of problems with duplication and also times where the sets do not show up at all. 3. Some of the key's are not balanced in terms of color, for example when I set all led's to be white. some are more pink/purple, then others, while some are more blue.
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