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  1. heyyy yo what's up I'm just a renegade poseidon z rgb user passing by. I come here since you don't answer anymore in it's respective topic. Modern problems require... Please just PLEASE make at least an sdk for that keyboard so I can use third party software like aurora or something. I have an outstanding keyboard with amazing lightning but I just can't use any of it's potential because the software is crap. This will probably be ignored but I just find myself very angry with TT making good products but bad software. Reverse engineer razer synapse or something, I don't know. P.D.: Next time spend the extra pennies and buy razer or corsair. They have sdk and real softwares
  2. Hello... It's me... I was wondering if this software will ever become something worth using. When I first bought this keyboard i was very excited because of all of it's features and lightning effects. Then I installed the software and I tried to lie myself that it was an early version and that it would be updated. And it was updated. To another Bos Taurus defecation. I was very hyped for this update and developers said it would be cool, but man, you added some buggy and limited light tweaking. The keyboard is just amazing, I'm in love with it. But the software can be so much more... I will say it, I will say the taboo word. Razer synapse for chroma keyboards is amazing and open source so people can create their own stuff and contribute to community. You will say "then if you like razer, buy a razer, dude'', but no, i like your keyboard and i want people to buy it. But right now, with the software it has, I would sadly not recommend to buy it. So please, I'm not the only one asking, make this world better, make this software awesome. Sincerely, a fan that loves you.
  3. Hello! Looking forward the new software, hope it'll be very cool ^^ Meanwhile i made an Osu! profile based on the "W" "E" keys used to play. Hope you like it! screenshot: https://gyazo.com/533d3366eadd0f52941ca3b39906c90c file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1zu4usm3zc1khv/Osu%21.prof?dl=0
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