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  1. After a strong worded email, they are now shipping me a cable and fine want the old ones back. If you have to deal with this, stand your ground and don't pay for shipping
  2. Since TT has released some newer cables and I was going to be taking my system down to make some changes o thought it might be a good time to try their cable again. They have sent me 3 cables, all same revision that didn't work. I gave up and ordered a Amazon one that is working fine. They approved me for a replacement, but want me to ship back the defective ones. That is fine, but I should not be responsible for shipping charges. They did not charge me shipping in the past. I know other companies want you to foot the shipping, although when such a widespread is happening, they need to be proactive and take care of the consumer.
  3. Just received a email from Customer Service....their sending me a package. I can only assume it's another riser cable. Any bets if this will work or not ?
  4. Tech support finally replied back and will talk to someone in the " Advanced RMA " department to see what they can do to remedy the situation. I'll keep everyone posted.
  5. Thermaltake is now requesting to know what all my hardware is. Really ? They know it's their garbage cables and they just want you to jump through hoops and hope you'll go away or they can send you another cable that " might " work. So I went ahead and sent them the information Tuesday or Wednesday....guess what ? No response. On that note, my Amazon cable is working for me, 30 bucks and I don't have to deal with this mess anymore. You can also see Mike hasn't responded in over a week, guess their washing their hands of us.... I like this guys video...share it wherever you can .....
  6. Mike, If shielding is not the case, why would I hear buzzing and then it would stop when I re-positioned the cable ? Also, I go from bad performance to good when moved ? The issue is, everyone should have the same experience. It should just work. Let's face it, most people bought this case because of the GPU orientation. The consumer shouldn't be the test guinea pig and left to foot the bill by trying to find something that will work for them. Luckily for me, I don't cool the GPU so changing out cables isn't a huge inconvenience for me , but for the guys who have to drain and refill ( sometime, multiple ), how is it fair to them ? It's easy for TT to just pack up and send another cable that may work, but now you have someone who has to take hours to re-do his system.
  7. After messing around with it some more, I found my particular issue. While the ac was off I was able to hear a buzzing sound, like what you hear under a power line. I started poking around and pulled the cable away from the PCI-E slots and the sound stopped. At this point I fire up csgo and heaven and my fps is 300 and 150 respectively. The only thing I can speculate is the shielding of these cables is terrible. I found another thread where someone tried a cable off Amazon and it has been perfect. I went ahead and ordered it, 27 bucks to see how it is, 3m one is 80. Unfortunately, I ordered a new motherboard already thinking mine was fried. It's great TT is sending out replacements, but not very helpful when their as faulty as the original. I feel sorry for whoever has a GPU in their loop.
  8. I received the new card and installed it. Booted PC and started up CSGO, horrible frame rates with a 1070. 30 fps ....wth ? Fire up heaven benchmark and it is stuttering like crazy. I reload drivers, change PSU cables, reload windows, everything I can think of. I went as far as trying the onboard intel hd 530 graphics. Same result. Did this thing fry my PCI bus somehow ?
  9. Sent the exact information that Mike said to send and I receive back the standard RMA intructions. Guess I'm going to be down for a while, really thought they would offer to cross ship. Don't understand why we need to email that address if it's just going to be the same as submitting a RMA.
  10. Thanks Martin....if I'm going to cut it that close, I'll just go P5.
  11. I contacted Thermaltake with this question and never got a definitive answer. I'd like to build my system in a P3 and do a custom loop and need to find out if my GPU will fit. Here are the specs I'd like Majority of watercooling supplies will be XSPC 420mm Radiator 36mm w/ 3 Riings Fans Reservoir/ Pump Combo Strix 1070 300mm I'd like to eventually go SLI, but it's not set in stone. This will be hard line tubing and I will be using the riser card/s. I'll go P5 if I have to, but don't really need all that real estate. Thanks
  12. Building a system for my brother and we will be purchasing a TT Water 3.0 240mm Riing. I will be running it in a push/pull config mounted to the front of a Phantec P400s case. I need to know the included size of the screws included with the radiator fan mounts so I can order the proper ones so I'm not stalled on the build. I know I'll need order slightly longer to account for the case. Thanks for the help Tim
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