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  1. thanks for the feedback, unfortunately as you suggest another riser cable would probably do the same, and having already drained and reasembled and the filled my loop up i dont fancy doing it all again to try another riser card, i may have to reconsider having the card on the riser, do you know why they are prone to these failures? is it a power issue? or quality of components?
  2. how many riser cables does it take to correct the fault, im now on my second cable (second cable being the shorter 200mm revised cable) and still have issues with games dropping out randomly then an error saying "yours graphics driver has failed to load and required to restart" im using the top x16 slot on my board and have the GPU in the furthest slot away from the MB to decrease the stress and bend on the riser cable before buying the second riser cable i had the GPU fitted directly onto the MB and was playing games etc all day long no issues system specs are MB - ASUS Maximus hero 8 CPU - Intel 6600K i5 (stock) GPU - AMD R9 390x 8GB (stock) PSU - Corsair RM650 watt OS - Win 10 x64 bit really hope there is a fix for this, as i solely bought the case (of which everything else is perfect) purely to have the GPU mounted vertically.
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