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  1. Yes I am also wondering this as I bought it thinking it was compatible.
  2. @ThermalMike Ok this has REALLY REALLY going being funny. My wife got me a PREMIUM cable after the 3 faulty ones you replaced and I get to loading the windows login screen and black. Nothing and both monitors say no cable connected. Windows has booted in the background but i have black monitors. This has happened a few times and mainly from cold boot or the first boot of the day i have to reboot my computer and the screens come back. Not this time as it would just do the same thing and no cable connected. The only way i got my computer to work right now was to push up on the cable and move it around and now it is working again. I have a Core P5 and I'm about to get the GPU waterblock in about 2 weeks and it is so lucky i haven't installed that yet because then i would be even madder if i had to drain my system. The worst thing about this situation is it's not an easy thing to change the vertical mount to board mount. As you can see from the pics there is a nice curve and not sharp curves.
  3. After getting 3 Replacement cables my wife got me a premium cable for my birthday and that works.
  4. Have been busy and need to move the WC tubes so going to have a crack at it this weekend if I get time.
  5. Yeah my wife bought me a premium cable from PLE for my birthday. It was $85.still more than 69 on the Australian TT site but will see if this works.
  6. Yes I did contact you and yes they sent me another cable and it was the same cable and didn't work. I have had 3 cables so far. I have emailed you again, please make sure TT Australia don't send me any of their leftover old crappy cables please.
  7. Sorry Mike, after having 3 of your cables failed I'm not willing to pay for another "Cheaper New Designed" cable when my faulty replacement cable was supposed to be redesigned aswell.
  8. Thanks, Kind of disappointing on the TTPremium website it you can buy it for $69.99AUD but all the shops here have them $85+postage. Don't suppose you have an exchange service i can send back 3 of the faulty cables and you send me a premium?
  9. How can us in Australia order the premium cable? I've had 2 replacement cables sent to me so I just want to bite the bullet and buy the new premium one however I'm NOT paying $78 for delivery? That is ludicrous, $148 for the cable when you supplied 3 x faulty cables to me.
  10. Just got my replacement today. Can someone explain what the difference is as this Cable looks the same as the original and the replacement one I got in February. The only difference is this Cable is a ball hair shorter???
  11. Emailed ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com on Sunday 2nd October 12:53pm Australian Eastern time, got an email Tuesday 4th October (Monday was a holiday) with the tracking number of the courier sending it from Melbourne (i'm in Queensland) hope this is the correct cable that actually works this time.
  12. Auspost was probably the longest part I'm in QLD and took about a week to get to me. To be honest not sure if i am bothered to go through all the BS just to get a new cable (that may or may not work, so now i have a choice either not use my PC for the next few weeks or just bite the bullet and just spend a day changing my custom loop and cable management. Since the Australian RMA department have my details already because hey had sent me a replacement cable from the stock that doesn't work. They should've just sent one to me when this problem was noticed and the "new" cables were issued as my details of complaining about non working cables should be documented. Poor customer service and I don't think i will be buying another TT product again. If this cable has fried my GTX1070 you will definitely be hearing from me to have that replaced. To be honest I'm quite P1$$ed off about this Since i just finished my custom loop and ALL of the cable management and now I have to Remove it all so i can directly plug my GPU into the slot. The nerve of them saying it was either my 760 or old motherboard. I was emailing my Asrock asking them why it didn't work and also Gainward why the card wasn't working and NOW I findout it was TT's problem all along. There should be a worldwide product recall notice issued.
  13. Wow can't believe I just found this thread. I got my case for Xmas and was having problems so they sent me a new Cable in January. Tried the new Cable and had same issue. Thinking it was compatibility with M/B or GPU I didn't use it. Got a new M/B and use it with my old GPU Gtx760 and seemed to work. Just got a new GTX1070 and I've had issues in windows with BSOD and just lock ups in about 5mins. Thinking it was the card till I tried a $2 eBay riser and things worked fine. Not happy Thermal take support in Australia didn't let me know there was an issue with the older cables since I told them the new Cable didn't work either. Not sure if I am going to trust this new Cable.
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