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  1. Hey there.. From the first time I saw the Tt desk by Peter I decided I wanted one.. I had been toying with idea of a desk build for a long time.. but this was what I wanted. Mine had to be movable tho. Not wall mounted.. So it begun.. I have completed the "left" side.. This is my gaming pc.. I have it water cooled.. The tubes will eventually travel across to the "right" side which will be my server but at the moment I have it looped.. you can see the centre support brace which is to support the 10mm Acrylic top in the centre where the monitor sits. It will also has the tubing passing through it.. . The wiring needs to be sorted... I had to mod the cases slightly to allow for the Steel tube that connects the two P5's.. Here are a few pics.. I have more.. will maybe add them at a later date.. I hope you like it I do... Stephen
  2. Hi.. I just bought 2 of the P5 cases (yes yes.. I'm making my own version of the L3P tt Desk) from a company down here in Australia called Centrecom.. Funny thing is.. One case has the 'FLAT' Riser Cable in a large box with the HD cradle and the other has the 'FOLDED' cable in a small box.. The 'FOLDED' cable when unfolded is about 25mm or 1 Inch longer than the 'FLAT' one... when I have built the desk it will be interesting to see which... if either.. cable works.. stayed tuned..
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