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  1. @chytruseq @Sarge77 check your message box
  2. First of all, 3m is not the only riser you can get. There are bunch of others that cost starting from 40-50$ and works very weel. Secondly, domain ".com" refers mostly to usa, therefore instead of wonder why a shop located in USA sending stuff from usa — you'll better search for same shop in EU (there is one). p.s. you can get various risers on amazon, except for "3m" risers.
  3. You'll better buy one, because chances to get it working with thermalte cabel are pretty small. I've already tried 3 cables, one that the case has included, 1 from amazon and 1 from Thermaltake Tech Support (got it end of October), each Riser card looks pretty similar to another, i could not spot any differences between them and all these card had same issue. As for me, all this cards belong to single revision, there is no difference, at all. It didn't worked with 2 setups, once "970gtx+msi z170a" and "1080+asus z170 mark 1", most popular cards from nvidia for the last year and new chipset
  4. Got an answer from EU tech support (support@thermaltake.de), they will send me a new cable, hope new riser will solve the issue.
  5. Same issue. Purchased the case on 02.05.2016 and a riser cable didn't worked from the first day. Was not sure if it's a cabel or pc issues, didn't refunded it because i like how the case looks, however now i'm switched to the custom water cooling and i need an extender because i'm not able to direct connect my graphic card without reassembling the whole water loop!;( I've also changed most of the pc parts since the case was purchased, means i'm pretty sure it's a cabel issue. Contacted cs@thermaltake.com and support@thermaltake.de with a demand to replace it for free. Will see, how many
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