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  1. Referring to viedeo, it seems that that riser won't be cheap and will not be included in cheap cases (20-30$) and thats ok for me, but Core P5 price is about 130$. Can someone (@ThermalMike) from Thermaltake company confirm that new premium riser will be included in new revision of TT Core P5? If I have still problem with TT riser (cheap version included with P5) and will contact with TT support to replace the not working riser, will I receive the new Premium Riser? @ThermalMike do you have info about that? TT Core P5 isn't a cheap case and costs over 130$ and the premium riser should be included from the beginning
  2. @industria thx for answer. It was very very helpful... I love posts that are written just to get something to write, even when they do not contribute nothing to the conversation... "I will write, that there are many risers and many stores but I won't give even a one example. ". Really Sherlock? Tell me something I don't know... and as you said... "mostly" Sometimes companys have more warehouses in other countries. Mouser.com has a customer service office in Czech Republic so I thought that they may have a branch in Europe (unfortunately they don't have). and again... "there is a shop, but I won't tell you..." You think that I wasn't searching other risers? I have read many forums and conclusion is that 3M riser gives 100% satisfaction and also 3M has already confirmed it to be compatible with PCIe 4.0 specs. I was looking also Lian Li riser that looks similar but it is also not cheap and not easy to get (easier than 3M) and not 100% sure that it works as good as 3M. Lian Li has a 90 degree PCI-E connector end so I would have to modify a little the bracket included with the case (it's doable, so can live with that) Maybe I should buy riser from amazon that looks similar to Thermaltake riser or one of these that look same ####as Thermaltake riser (except 3M and Lian Li mentioned in that topic)?
  3. I think that 3m riser 500mm is way too long for Core P5. The problem is that mouser.com sells version 500mm in quantity min 1 but version 250mm in quantity min 120 (no idea why :/ ) digikey.com sells both versions in quantity min 1 but they are sending it from USA nad I am from Poland, so the total cost would be 86$ + 30$ shipping codt + taxes (probably 23%) = 135$ total cost!!! Thermaltake riser is s**t and it looks that only riser to use is 3M, but I don't know why it is so hard to get it. Only two stores sell it? Someone can somehow help?
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