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  1. replacements are still being sent out , i asked for RMA two months ago , guess my mail got lost somehow so i wrote another mail and its like 7days and in next two or three days this RMA cable of mine will be home .. i was wrong they rly try to help ppl out ! so dont you worry , contact them again and im sure you will be taken care of sooner or later ,) edit : mailed them 10.1. - and its 13.1. and i have the riser cable home (not 7 days as i said , so i was wrong again , sorry for misleading) . cant believe my eyes you guys who ever had taken care of me , thank you ! all of you edit 2 : got the new riser cable instaled , and so far it is working kinda ok , i say kinda cus i have lost almost 20% of fps (went from almost 20k in 3dmark to 15360) so i guess i wait till they start selling those "premium" cables . will try to tweak it lil bit and see what will happen . even tho it isnt superb , i have to say thanks to TT and their customers service and specialy to those who has taken care of my support ticket
  2. in my case its almost two months :/
  3. may i ask you how long it took them to send it to you (lets say from first mail .. or did you get any other mail after you emailed the adress of yours) since i got no mail or what so ever , only emailed my adress to DE thermaltake .. and its almost 2 months . glad you all got it solved , and hope that i will got new raiser also
  4. glad it worked for you , i cant get any response from TT nor from my seller .. i rly regret this purchase but its cool you did have such a great help from your seller
  5. well i have been said the same , and now .. few weeks after - silence , nothing .. we can agree that this case is beautiful , and one of its kind and once on the wall it looks even better i will wait one last month for RMA (it will be 3 months) then i will buy my self proper riser from 3M but thing is , we paid for something we wont get , and this becomes standart in all aspects of our lifes and im not ok with it if you know what i mean i want that thing that i paid for , a PC case with vertical GPU mount , im not super crazy about this .. i just have to wait with my watercooled system till this issue is resolved
  6. dont expect any help in czech republic .. after 6weeks im still waiting for RMA replacement , adn to be honest i dont expect it (the new one riser) to work .. im more and more inclined to get 3M riser which is expensive as fk in our country , so yea .. thats it or sould i rather use :/
  7. wow , great job .. this mod is epic , keep the good work , hope you win
  8. oh crap .. well time to throw out 100e for a 3M riser , guess ill be starving for a while
  9. So basicaly what you are saying is that we shoudnt count on TT riser And get us new riser cable ? Well if So , then it is rly sad .. time to get my self a proper riser from 3M which is thebonly oné i can get (besides The TT one) in my country .. sad days .. shoudnt get The p case in First place .. oh well
  10. im kinda on the edge of returig my p5 core case , main selling point was vertical mount , sadly this feature im unable to use , i dont wanna spend another 100e on properly working riser card , also when i asked if this newly designed rubbercoated riser card is being send to users with faulty riser i have not beed answered till this day .. im kinda dissapointed
  11. emailed them saturday , monday got mail from them , you also may like to contact DE TT customers service , since im from czech republic and got redirected to DE TT customers service edit : support@thermaltake.de
  12. Hello , i have the same issue .. my GPU acts crazy , sound stuttering , bsod .. you name it .. as i was slowly reading thru this thread one thing came to my mind .. had anyone succeed with TT riser ? like no probs at all ? Should i just empy my wallet for 3M cable (almost the same cost as p5 case lol) .. got this case cus of vertical GPU mount . appreciate any help from more experienced users thanks in advance ,) EDIT : as i am one of those who cant stand if something isnt working as intented .. i coulndt stand the issue with the riser cable - so i used basic electrician tape (black isolation one) and covered the riser with it , from one end to another , as we speak now , my pc is operating without any hicups or anythign .. i can see my self testing this whole day , but for now .. its working great EDIT2 : so from last editing (30mins or so) im running heavens benchmark with 100fps +-10 .. seems like that its working ! EDIT3 : aww first crash .. but i already got mail about RMA so .. hope i get wokting one
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