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  1. Sadly yes mind you i have had 2 of the original length cables mentioned, and 4 of the short ones they all carry the same part numbers on the slot part i had also ordered a couple of powered PCI-E risers via aliexpress those arrived today, now i ofcourse dont need them, but will still have to test them....in something i can afford to loose only 2.34$ each hehe p.s my rig is now finally running the GPU watercooled! and since posting, have not had a single issue
  2. Hello i have been back to this thread several times as i also have this issue the store where i bought the case have been extremely helpful unfortunately without solving the problem i have likewise received a cable from Thermaltake directly, with the same issues best i've managed going through a total of 5 replacements (6 total including original) is that my EVGA GTX980Ti Classified connected through the Riser to a Asus X99 Sabertooth would run at PCI-E X8 but with WHEA related windows crashes as a result i have here on Black Friday purchased for another build, a Deepcool Genome Case which also features a vertical GPU mount option, tho the Riser Cable is supposed to be sold seperately! turns out it was included, so i decided to try this particular Riser with some ziptie magic and a makeshift non conducting stand and what would you know works perfectly, its neither powered or in any visible way different, apart from the PCI-E Slot is angled 90degrees and the slot itself is reinforced with metal Sad to say, i believe the quality of the riser on the P5 for highend GPUs / Mainboards, is simply not good enough Surely changing suppliers for the PCI-E Riser is possible ? Deepcool retails this PCI-E Riser for 19.95$ (tho after tax EU price is around 25€ via amazon.uk) but for the danish market, it is on backorder at all retailers while writing this i have been running a render test in GPU-Z to verify my PCI-E Speeds happy i can finally use my GPU block and get it watercooled and finish this build! not happy i had to go to a different manufacturer to get a working riser! specs Asus X99 Sabertooth Intel 5820K (overclocked to 4.5Ghz) (cable tested at stock and at overclocked settings) G Skill C16 3200mhz 32GB quad channel kit Corsair RM1000 EVGA GTX980Ti Classified (also tested with a Quadro K620, GTX670, GTX690, R9 290+290X) Custom Watercooling only on CPU atm
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