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  1. Well, it's been a few nights now since I came here. Each night now, I have had to use system restore points to replace files that have been corrupted due to the video card driver crashing. It's becoming routine now. No response from Thermal Take, no email, nothing. I am ordering a new case from someone else at the end of the month. This is the single worst case, and worst experience that I have ever had with a case. I will attempt to return the product via Amazon, and the review which I leave will not be favorable. If anyone comes here to seek advice about this case, a
  2. Yeah... Windows 7... If you got a problem with that, feel free to keep it to yourself. I'll put whatever the #### I please onto MY system, using MY money. If I don't like Windows 10, that's my business. Yeah Ok... Right... I know what I had to do. Every system is different. And the Riser Cable should never have been shipped in a condition where it can cause BSOD's and Black Screens of Death, but hey... It was, and here we are, most of us wouldn't be here in this particular thread otherwise. Seems strange doesn't it... Having a thread like this telling people to contact Ther
  3. Evening all. Ok... Where do I start? I recently bought a Thermal Take Core P5 case from Amazon.co.uk, it arrived around 2 weeks ago. After a week of waiting to get the computer back from the shop where I had my system all put together, it has been one long round of headaches. I have had the system back at home now for less than a week, and I have already had to install Windows 7 64 bit twice. Every issue that I have had seems to be related to the GPU, or the Driver. I have never had an issue, in the last decade, where I have had to install Windows 7 so many times in one week.
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