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  1. Well, it's been a few nights now since I came here. Each night now, I have had to use system restore points to replace files that have been corrupted due to the video card driver crashing. It's becoming routine now. No response from Thermal Take, no email, nothing. I am ordering a new case from someone else at the end of the month. This is the single worst case, and worst experience that I have ever had with a case. I will attempt to return the product via Amazon, and the review which I leave will not be favorable. If anyone comes here to seek advice about this case, and reads this message; DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. STEER CLEAR, BUY SOMETHING ELSE. THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST CASES THAT I HAVE EVER USED AND DOES NOT COME CLOSE TO THE LEVEL OF QUALITY THAT YOU WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT OUT OF EITHER THERMALTAKE, OR A £110 CASE. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CASE. YOUR BETTER OFF EATING THE MONEY, THAN BUYING THIS CASE. And don't even think about trying to delete the message. I have OBS installed and have taken screen prints. Sincerely yours, A VERY #### OFF CUSTOMER!
  2. Yeah... Windows 7... If you got a problem with that, feel free to keep it to yourself. I'll put whatever the #### I please onto MY system, using MY money. If I don't like Windows 10, that's my business. Yeah Ok... Right... I know what I had to do. Every system is different. And the Riser Cable should never have been shipped in a condition where it can cause BSOD's and Black Screens of Death, but hey... It was, and here we are, most of us wouldn't be here in this particular thread otherwise. Seems strange doesn't it... Having a thread like this telling people to contact Thermal Take etc, if by your calculations, there isn't a problem with them... No offence, but I'll take Thermal Takes advice on the subject, before I take yours. I shouldn't have to be expected to take my GPU out of my system every couple of days because of the Riser Cable... I paid £110 for a product that I expect to work, not something that I expect to take to pieces every 2 days... FYI the shop only put the parts together, as specified by Thermal Take, I put windows on myself, and every error since then seems to be GPU related, but I guess you think you know more than the Thermal Take engineers right? You would be surprised what I know... Did it ever cross your mind that I don't have the time it takes to take computers apart all day, when they fail? If you knew what I know, maybe not about computers specifically, but IN GENERAL, you might not be so ignorant, and if you don't like that reply, tough #### in all honesty, but just remember one thing... You started it because you couldn't resist having a jab. I asked for advice, not ignorant, personal comments. Either way, I have yet to write my Amazon Review. If I continue having problems with this particular issue, l will be rating the case 1 star, and advising potential customers to avoid this particular case, linking it in with a Youtube review of the product, demonstrating the issues that I am having. I will suggest that those customers look elsewhere. Zalman make some decent cases for half the price of this case, and I'm quite certain that users of those cases will not have the same issues with BSOD's reporting driver issues, and Black Screens of Death when they turn their cases on. call them what you like, cheap and cheerful, whatever, but at least they work when you press the power button on. Anyway, I'll wait and see what Thermal Take can do, over the course of the next couple of days, if they can do anything to help with these, to be frank, aweful experiences that I am having, using this case.
  3. Evening all. Ok... Where do I start? I recently bought a Thermal Take Core P5 case from Amazon.co.uk, it arrived around 2 weeks ago. After a week of waiting to get the computer back from the shop where I had my system all put together, it has been one long round of headaches. I have had the system back at home now for less than a week, and I have already had to install Windows 7 64 bit twice. Every issue that I have had seems to be related to the GPU, or the Driver. I have never had an issue, in the last decade, where I have had to install Windows 7 so many times in one week. The one difference in this case, is that I have NEVER used a riser cable before. EVERY system that I have ever had, has had the GPU slotted into the motherboard directly, and I have never had a problem. Now, since using this case, the first problem which I encountered came in the form of a 0x00006B BSOD error, which I had about 3 days ago. Further research seemed to indicate that the cause of the problem was related to the GPU driver. I am currently using an ATI Radeon 7900HD card. I don't know which one specifically, but I have not had a BSOD for a long while now, not until I had this system built. This morning, I turned my PC on and I received a Black Screen of Death this time, with no error message, and it only displayed a mouse cursor, which I couldn't move, in the middle of the screen. Again, this resulted in my having to re-install Windows. I did try to restore the system but the system wouldn't even boot into safe mode. The two commonalities in all of this is that this is the first time, and probably the last time, that I have ever used a riser cable in a case. Up to this point, I have never had these issues on any system which I have had built up previously. The second commonality is that the issues all seem to be pointing to the problem being GPU related. Again, it makes me think that it is the riser cable, even though I cannot prove it. It's gotten to the point now, where I daren't even power the system down for the night, nor play games in case it causes the system to crash, since I don't know if I will have issues booting the system up, resulting in having to reinstall windows again. It's all only started since I had this system built up. Before that, when I had a system built up in a Thermal Take Armour case, I had no problems for over 3 years. Honestly, I really like the case, but it's getting to the point now, where I'm starting to think that it would just be cheaper to buy a different case than to faf about ordering riser cables here, there and wherever, not knowing if I am going to be any better off in the long run. Is there any temporary, sure fire way of resolving the issue, or permanent solution such as being able to install the card directly into the motherboard rather than through that riser cable, or am I going to wake up to yet another BSOD on Christmas Day? I mean, seriously, honest to ####, if anyone says "Merry Christmas" to me after this fiasco, I think I'll need a new keyboard, as well as a riser cable, after I stick it up that particular someones ####, side ways. Specifications; Motherboard = Skylake Asrock Z170 Extreme4, LGA 1151. Processor = Intel I5 6600K, LGA 1151. GPU = ATI Radeon 7900HD Series. Case Sold by = Amazon EU S.a.r.l. Description of problem = 0X0006B, Black Screen of Death with Mouse Pointer. * Solution; Hit with a #### hammer.* Ok, it's not a solution, but it might make me feel a little better.
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