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  1. It WILL make a difference if there is a chance to damage your system each time you plug it in and out - Doing any other way would involve an extra swap, and twice as much chance that you bend or mess up the cable - It is good advice. Not to mention, if you are having intermittent issues while installing drivers for the hardware that is having intermittent issues? Ya, not good at all. That would be similar to OC'ing your machine until the point it is NOT stable, and then trying to do a bunch of Windows Updates or other system-OS intensive things, and then being surprised that all your data is getting corrupted. I have seen a LOT of benchmarks showing higher scores with the riser\extension cable (when it is working 100%) - Not sure how that is possible, but it is happening and it is definitely not impossible. Its all little micro-differences, so each test will vary, but I was surprised to see a few HIGHER with the cable (even by a few points, #### it SHOULD be lower!) http://www.overclock.net/t/1427731/pci-express-extender-cables-benchmarked
  2. So i had my heart set on a View 27 case - And surprise surprise the riser cable i need is not in the box (and swimming in controversy over build quality leading to some not-so-easy-or-cheap choices) So, I just ordered a pair of TT riser cables from Amazon.ca - I'm hoping they are the "new version" and not the folded one. I'm only using a single GPU so I don't think i will have as many issues as those with multiples, but I still ordered a pair of the cable "just in case" Funny thing, the Amazon.ca listing for this part has a title of "Thermaltake CORE P5 AIO Bracket System with SSD/HDD Mounting, 3 Pack Cases AC-040-A31NAN-C1" Which CLEARLY isn't the correct part - but the reviews and .com sub-listings are for the riser card so took a gamble. I'll keep you all up to date on the results of the pair of TT cables - Ordered next day shipping so I will know by the weekend. Z170A MSI pc-mate i5-7600k 16GB 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance LED MSI GTX1080 Aero
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