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  1. CHAPTER 5 – APPLYING CONCEPT Hi guys here some update not this chapter , since previous chapter will already done doing some 3D , now lets apply some minecraft concept into 3D and another plan also is to make a stand for the minecraft ram concept , by thinking for that we wanna go with some floating city with waterfall falling from it . Still more part to go , I will update on another chapter . See ya !
  2. Worklog : CHAPTER 4 – TURN TO CAD/3D Now we are on Chapter 3 , How u guys doing … I hope and pray all u guys in good health and having a very very nice day . Ok in this chapter , from last chapter we talk about assembled of RAM and taking dimension , Now I will show u guys , how I end up everything to turn every data I have into 3D . We gonna start from RAM itself , from data I collected , now key all data dimension to apply on CAD drawing . As to build the 3D for it . Here we go , RAM 3D is done , now lets do for Hea
  3. Worklog : CHAPTER 3 – RAM DISEMBBLE On this chapter I would like to start dissemble of Thermaltake ToughRam . This is because I wanted to fully utilize of possibility to modified the ram cover. Next stage I will show u guys on how I did Reverse engineering , or easy to say … redesign back the original heatsink plate and cover to CAD / 3D . Now I start to measure the dimension of heatsink plate , and everything that exist on the cover . Its gonna be easier for me to arrange and thinking of what kind concept to apply on 3D
  4. Worklog : CHAPTER 2 – MINECRAFT ELEMENT MATERIAL Next stage , I trying to get research on texture used on Minecraft game , and study the element that exist . This is really important for me to added value itself on my mods As for it , I will try to come out something have feeling into it . (speared the love :D)
  5. Worklog : CHAPTER 1 – WHY MINECRAFT? In first stage to begin with , its all happen when my Son , he now 4 years old and he kindly addicted to play Minecraft . Before this I just let him to play the classic Minecraft until he start to do some toward creativity on his way . I purchase full games to unlock more feature . This is how I comeout to do Minecraft concept for this modding event , actually its quite exiting to show to my son when this mod finish soon! . A start has begun , me my self tried out Minecraft game itself and comeout with Thermaltake RAM build on g
  6. Before i gonna start on project description , lets enjoy the RAM show . Thanks @Tt Andy for the sample !
  7. Hi Guys its been awhile i didnt wake for any mod project since last year . so as a comeback start i would like to start to having fun with RAM mod . Thanks to @Thermaltake especially Andy for the opportunity . Again , Mod on !
  8. Concept and idea for Level 20 GT case from Thermaltake . Title for this project is " The Great War " , adaptation from Series Game of thrones . Concept element is to bring 2 dragon living and death into the case as its presenting the Great War scene. I wish good luck to all participants .
  9. Thanks Andy keep up good work ! Good luck to all contestants!
  10. Your Name: Hamman Modding Brand / Media Name: Hammanchronicle Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/hammanchronicle Youtube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/hammanchronicle Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms: Previous projects/build logs: https://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=4224743&hl= https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/75506-malaysia-ahmad-syafiq-hamman/ https://www.cmws.global/modderszone/hamman-chronicle/blog-posts Total fans: 2,180 follows Why do you think you should be the next TT Tale
  11. Better late than never incase if u guys need more photo .. might want see more.... here we go .
  12. Great build .. wonder what camera u using .. so nice !
  13. we are struggling alot for the final... but hey ... here some small teaser for u guys . :D 2018 Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational (TT Season 1) Sponsors ; AMD Thermaltake Technology Inc ASUS Republic of Gamers G.SKILLPlextor AOC TteSPORTS LUXA2 #casemod #battlestation #asus #thermaltake #hcmod #hammanchronicle #thermaltakecasemod #invitational beforefinal.mp4
  14. another update now playing with magic water channel , and channel block for visual appearance .
  15. Hi , .. we running out of time . Gonna show some side view of mod .. its designed to be angry like LION Dance ! Here some WIP of front panel to control everythings . included power-up button .
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