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  1. I have kept my experience out of the forum for 40 days now but after still being messed around by the unhelpful support I thought it time to share my experience. The riser cable that came with my core P5 did work well sort of it would only run at 8x even though it was in a 16x socket and it would also only run at PCI-E Gen 2 this resulted in a terrible user experience having a R9 295x2 it helps to have as much throughput as possible. Windows works fine although games are super sluggish I then booted my linux install and I was in for a shock there were so many PCI communication errors after two minutes of running my install became unusable turns out the there were basic PCI communications failing despise the user interface displaying this caused a syslog file of nearly 100GB at this point I knew something was wrong but couldn't find a solution. I removed the riser cable and as it happens I had bought a second cable as well so I could connect my capture card I plugged that in and thats when the whole system went weird the screen would just constantly flash on and off and nothing I did could fix that issue then just to test I took my card out having to drain the custom loop and make some more petg pipes for the card to be plugged directly into the motherboard it appears to boot fine displaying the bios but then when you boot windows you get a mostly black screen with some large coloured blocks on it this was with the card directly plunged into the motherboard strange as it worked before and had been working for over a year. Googled the issue turns out to be something to do with memory. I then tried the card in every slot on my Motherboard and the same thing would happen this is all after I used the riser cable. Suspicious I think so. To check that no other damage had been done I had to go out and buy a new graphics card only got one of those cheap 710 nvidia cards plugged it in directly and wow it worked straight away then just to make sure I checked again my R9 295x2 and the same happens with the blocks. I then embarked on trying to get the issue sorted and this where I found the most unhelpful support team I have ever had to deal with, there have been countless emails back and forward with thermaltake failing to take responsibility and a few other things happened like supposed lost emails and the likes. I then finally got them agree to take the cables and my graphics card after negotiating and them just saying send it to us not giving me an address and expecting me to pay the £200 - £300 postage costs which they finally agreed to pay by giving me a fedex account number. Now finally the last thing that they are now doing it to keep requesting a new date for delivery it arrived in the city their headquarters are in on the 24th of January and the current delivery date is the 8th of Febuary it's there I can see that it is just sat there why can't they just get off their backsides and let it be delivered and test it then give me my compensation.
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