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  1. Hey guys, new software is SWEET. I am loving my keyboard now more than ever. BUT One small thing, you know how in the Lighting profile section, under the "Arrow flow" zone, if you click on "Customized" zones - then there is an option for "SURFACE" On/Off toggle. This is amazing. I love the fact that you have basically merged STATIC with ARROW FLOW. Now I know this may seem weird, but could you please please pretty please have the same "SURFACE" On/Off setting for "REACTIVE" mode?! I know it might seem weird, but I really want to try out a lighting profile with such a setting! I don't want the arrow animation, I simply want the key to change color when I press it,but also be lit up (not dark ) when it is not being pressed. Once again, amazing job, and sorry to ask for more, but hopefully you can make my wish come true Cheers - Lens
  2. Hi, This exact same problem just happened to me. I would always leave it on the rainbow wave setting and one night it just started going completely haywire just like in the videos up above! For a while I got it to work by keeping it on just standard constant backlight, although I would notice random bursts of the faulty lighting. Now it has gone completely black, and is no longer recognized by my pc. When I plug it into other computers, only the num lock lights up and it gets stuck on one input "ex: inpuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" Seems like I also recieved a faulty MCU. Will I be able to RMA as well? I purchased this in late 2015. Additionally, one of the reasons I did not want to RMA was because I have a gaming tournament coming up soon. Now with the keyboard completely unusable, I am in very bad luck. Is there any way of significantly speeding up the process? I am also planning on calling the phone line as soon as the clock hits 9am, but in case I can't get through I thought I would leave this post here. Cheers, ~ Lens
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