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  1. Same, still no email. EDIT f***k it, gonna buy the riser cable from Amazon. Anyone has a link?
  2. I ordered the P3 snow edition last week and i've got the 'not' folded cable. It was flat straight in the box, don't know if it's the newer revision or not. I have not seen the differences between the two (picture would be welcome) Same old same, it did not work. It's in RMA now, they've asked my adress, never heard from them after. I hope they send me the premium one, it would be the right thing to do. There is a user on overclock.net forums who received one. You can read it right here : http://www.overclock.net/t/1605221/thermaltake-core-p3-owners-club/390
  3. Let us know (as in everyone) how this issue progresses. As in the people with the new riser cables, do they keep up after long time usage?
  4. Just got a mail from .com.tw for shipping details. I will keep you lads updated.
  5. I'e received my Core P3 chassis yesterday, the case looks sick. And then i went sick aswell. Kicking the wildcard, i really hoped i've received a revised version of the case with the new and improved riser cable. That isn't the case so it seems, i was crushed to see windows wouldn't boot, let alone even booting my display. After a few retries it worked, but not without issues, the display driver would fail, artifacts on the screen, rebooting and getting stuck with all kinds of graphical errors. I've send a mail to you Thermalmike for a replacement, also to the departement in Germany so it maybe speeds up the process. If the issues with the revised rise cable still persist. There should be as option to get the premium cable at a serious discount. I will see how it goes, so far i got the feeling Thermalmike is trying his best to sort all the issues out. I have an MSI krait z97 mobo and a 290x sapphire amd EDIT Core P3 Snow Edition S
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