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  1. NOooooooooooo Say it isn't soooooooooo Someone get that man a CIGAR!!! You are lucky at least you said they replied. I didn't get anything of the kind after leaving direct phone call messages because they requested I do that since they weren't answering the phone and over 17 emails to support without even a read request hit.
  2. Looks like it is still generating false errors. Filled up fan controller 1 with all fans and have 1 fan on controller 2 with all the other ports shut off. BOOM Controller Warning 1. Thermaltake looks on the surface like they got it together. I honestly don't think that is the case internally at that company. Absolutely no support. I would welcome anything offered as product help from Thermaltake at this point. I would love to buy the products for next build but at this point not so much. You want a laugh watch this.. there are 2 controller warnings on this video. Firs
  3. Really does that work?? I have had this issue for over a year now. absolutely no response from support. I called 4 times left message as they asked me to do.. no call back.. I sent about 12 emails to support no response.. I only got response from RMA dept where I RMA'd the hubs 2 times now with now change in status.. I will try this. I appreciate you sharing. LOL didn't realize I already mentioned the support issues.. as you can tell I was ready to riing someones neck over this. I know they know this is a bug because I was watching CES 2019 reviews on youtube and low and b
  4. I have 6 RIING Plus fans 2 X 120mm and 4 X 140mm. I have 2 hubs and the very latest TT RGB Plus software loaded. I am getting intermittent Controller 1 or Controller 2 errors throughout the day. There is nothing wrong. The fans are running at speed.. the loaded RGB profile is still clicking along and didn't default back to fan power on state. There is nothing wrong. I contacted the RMA department and got 2 new controllers 2 different times now and it's the same issue. I think it's software but not sure why. I do have the ports not being used turned off so don't think I am a new
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