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  1. Doesn't seem to save the RGB settings for the LED on the Power Supply - I have to change this every time I turn on my PC
  2. Unfortuantly I only have one usb2.0 header on the Motherboard. so i have to use an internal USB hub.
  3. I have the Thermaltake 1250w 80+ Titanium RGB. And keep getting the following errors/emails Any ideas?
  4. I have also posted this on the Corsair forums and they say it is an error with the DPS app - DPS should not be conflicting or controlling the Corsair H115i fans.
  5. In addition to this i have also been receiving emails/alerts telling me that there may be a voltage issue and that the PSU fans are not working correctly. Maybe i have a faulty unit?
  6. The main issue I have is that the Corsair H115i will not let me control the fans for the Liquid cooler for the CPU as soon as i install DPS. it allows me to select different fan speeds but then instantly restricts it. As soon as I uninstall DPS i can alter the fan speeds again
  7. I assume you are talking about he DPS software, if so then Yes i was able to control the fan and RGB lighting on the PSU. But as i mention for some reason Corsair Link (for H115i) and Asus AI Suite (for case fans etc) if i try to change the fan speeds it instantly gets reduced back down. Is there any other way I can utilize the RBG without the DPS software? PC Specs. Asus Maximus IX Formula i7-7700k - Corsair H115i cooler Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Case
  8. Hey guys I have recently purchased a Thermaltake 1250w 80+ Titanium RGB. I am experiencing an issue with the DPS app to control the fan RGB LED. When its installed, the software seems to interfere with my fans in the system, especially my Corsair H115i CPU water cooler fans. It restricts the RPM to 900 of all fans. I know its the software as when i uninstall it they return to normal. I want to install the software as I want to be able to control the LED lights in the fan. Any Advice?
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