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  1. I just bought this TT synch controller with 9 ports for my 7 ring quad fans. Regardig the PWM on each side x 3 Do i need to install all 3 PWM cables if i using 7 fans ? So each side of the box needs 1 PWM cable pluged in to the motherboards chasis fan plug ? So one side controls 3 fans but need 1 PWM for each 3 fans ? That seems like much..This will look like a octopus
  2. Hi I bought 2 riing 14 RGB and i installed em on my asus maximus ix formula motherboard on a external fan pin head. I connected that box with 2 fans and the main connector on external fan pin head on the motherboard. The fans is spinning and chaning colours but the 3 bottons on that controler box dont do anything and the light is glowing red on the one box and blue on the other box i have. i guess one of em is broken ? The sotware dont do anything either..so what am i am doing wrong here ? Fans spins and change colours fine but i have no controle over em...
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