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  1. TACK its great to see you back. Your help is always appreciated.
  2. Probably the same reason there is Frigidaire and sharp ads on the boards.. No one is at home here at all. It's a community of forgotten children.
  3. Ok I figured it out. It's an installer bug. Here is what you have to do to fix it. 1. Go to task scheduler. You will find an entry for TT RGB PLUS. 2. Click on the Actions tab and you will see C:\program and that's it. This is where task scheduler is supposed to point to the directory where TT RGB PLUS program lives. The Task Scheduler doesn't know where to start the program. >>> The reason is some programmer didn't use "" around the link if there are spaces in the link. Thermaltake is notorious for placing spaces in names EG: TT RGB PLUS.exe It should be all on wo
  4. Hi, I just purchases two five packs for the Riing Plus RGB Premium 12's and 14's. I loaded the software today and for the life of me I can't fix why it won't start in windows. I did the right click on the tray icon and blackened the run with windows starts up selection. The problem is it won't start with windows but will start if I click the icon. I tried moving the icon to the startup folder and no luck their either. I have a fresh Windows 10 Pro install for this new machine. Patch 1809 is applied but it didn't run before I upgraded that either. I did turn off the annoyin
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