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  1. SHAID


    Hi Every One, Welcome to my PC Desk Build, Sponsored by Thermaltake. For this build i started off building a custom desk to house my PC components. I used one and a half sheet of ply wood, which i then measured and cut and was put together with wood glue and some screws. The design of the desk was made up along the way. the theme was base off my old PC that i called Sub Zero so i just thought of way s on improving form that so i decided to go from a desk to a custom desk. The build is not yet complete but i want to share with you my progress so far. My Components Core I7 950 MSI x58A-GD45 Mother board 2 Ausus GTX 690 12 gigs Corsair Dominator Ram 2 Intel 510 Series 250gd SSD's 2 500 gig Sea-gate barracuda Drive HHD's 2 xspc Water Blocks Waiting on the rest of my components to come in, as you can see form my list this a budget build it' just enough to suit my needs and will still make an awesome budget build Here are some pics of my progress so far i hope you like. Pieces being put together. Just adding the legs. Filling And Sanding Primed Test Fitting the Glass & Mother Board Tray made some stencil pieces to be used in the build This is where the build is at currently, still a lot to do more painting , cutting ,test fitting and other prepping. a few of the components.
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