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  1. Hey!! Brief introduction for this project: I wanted to keep the Tt's spirit for this mod, preserving the overall appearance of theTower 900. I just have removed 15cm of thickness, and I wanted to create a front panel that looks like the Core P5. GPU and CPU have their own loop in different color, blue and clear with the res placed in the bottom of the case with new 18mm acryl stands. Some parts have been modded, Psu, CPU and GPU waterblocks The back of the Tower 900 have been modded too with moving the customised PSU in the middle of the case, create a new window and cutting the frame to give an open air look like. The top, shortened, receive a new part with a wide Luxa² logo. So, final pictures of the P900 are here: Hope you will like this mod!! A lot of thanks to Thermaltake and all partners who give us the luck to participate to a such great contest.
  2. thanks man!! The GPU waterblock should arrive today. So I only have one day left to customise it and finish the loop
  3. Hi there, Small update. The mod is almost finished. The Gpu waterblock should arrives today, so I'm in hurry to complete what I would like to do Let's go for custom waterblock .
  4. Hey!! So, that's why this mod is called P900, I wanted to keep the global design of Tower 900 while staying in the Thermaltake's spirit with a front window as on Core P5 More pictures with hardware really soon
  5. Hi guys!! Today, some modifications on the V-color Ddr4. New custom heatsink keeping the motherboard look. Just have to do the paint job and polishing aluminium parts
  6. merci Hi! Small update. Still waiting for the last parts and some aluminium to complete the case. Today, I have made a small modification on the cpu waterblock End is near, so stay close for final pictures
  7. Heyyyy!! Today, I worked on the V-color's memory. It need a new relloking to fit with this mod First try. I think I will change something on the design see you
  8. Hey!! Loops almost finished. I will dismantle everything this week to start the paint job!!
  9. Hi guys!! I actually work on the tubbing, I will post a couple of pictures as soon as the loops will be complete. I Also finished to repair the top cover and added a new acryl part in place of the mesh Now I have to wait for the GPU waterblock to finish the left side of the case. See you
  10. Hi there!! Small update with side panels complete and test with the rads and Riing RGB I also start to cut some part for the back of the case. That's all!! New update really soon
  11. Hello!! i started working on the stands for the res with 18mm acryl And the panel with composit aluminium ( gloss black ) Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I have lost my camera charger... hope I will find it quickly See you!
  12. Hi there!!!! Yesterday, I picked up some acryl and start cutting. First layer of the side I used some rivet with internal thread ( don't know the exact name in english ) Second side done, and I also create a new part for the PSU plug I replaced the back panel with an acrylic panel in order to see the inside of the case. And finally, the second layer The acryl is not white, I just let the protective film, don't want to make any scratch on it See you soon for the next step
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