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  1. so are the replacement cables you are sending out the "cheaper" ones or the "Premium" ones?
  2. Welcome to the club.... Question has anyone tried bypassing the controller all together? I would think that you could just remove the 7 pin USB route the PWM wires to PWM and RBG to any other RGB controller out there?
  3. wonder how many pages of issues it will take for some kind of customer support? RMA request still in with no response
  4. yeah I got lucky and was able to return 1 set but still stuck with 200 bucks of worthless fans, THERMALTAKE wake up and provide some customer support!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well just another customer having the same issues as everyone else. Purchased 3 sets of these worthless things and yup software doesn't show the fans stats. I've tried every configuration from 1 controller 1 fan all the way up to 3 controllers 9 fans. On 3 different builds amd/intel/ryzen running Win10. Tried installing older version first then newer on top, newest first. Only difference is my fans are not solid red they are circling in a full rgb pattern.
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