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  1. Hi, As a c1000 pure clear user, with bottles bought in 2020 having a bottledate of 2016, and seeing there is a t1000 pure clear version shipped in kits... Why cant I buy this coolant? Atleast, i cant find it.
  2. Yes, with an ITX motherboard, not an ATX one. With an ITX there is room for the bracket to be moved up 2 slots, allowing for the sideway PSU mount. Cant be done with the motherboard you posted however.
  3. Then it's not possible, a normal sized PSU will just about fit in it's standard position. Sorry. You can still see the RGB if you mount it with the fan facing up though, just not as prominent.
  4. IIRC this is only possible if you don't mount your GPU vertically, with the p5 you don't have this restriction.
  5. This is basically what we all suffer from. It's been over a month since I got a reply so I went out and bought the premium version (TT Charge 191$) Of an Ebay seller. Sure enough, works fine. Until 2 weeks passed, then the same #### happened again. Going with a different brand now.
  6. Update: Riser cable failed again. Sent another email. Tried to order the premium one online because im sick of this **** right now. Guess what?! ''We are happy to offer international shipping services'' Grand total for the $69 cable you ask? $191. Id happily pay for the premium one if it solves the issue, but this is just borderline stupid.
  7. UPDATE: Received my new riser cable today, installed it and tested it. So far it's not causing any problems. *Fingers Crossed* The cable I received -> None of the above actually. It's sort of the cheap one, with a different lock and no thermaltake branding what so ever... What I did notice was the black top layer is pasted on with adhesive, which came off straight away with the smallest amount of bending. (installed the cable in my core P3, and both ends have the black end parts loose reveiling the cable underneath, not sure if this will cause problems but I feel it's cosmetic at this point). Will keep you updated if anything changes. Special thanks to @ThermalMike for his quick replies, really sped up the process.
  8. I'm having the same issues, sent an email, no reply yet so I'm trying it here.
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