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  1. I filed a RMA and Thermaltake responsed with... the Yellow is out of stock however we can send you two bottles of clear and a bottle of yellow dye. Which I accepted. I wonder if they are migrating to only selling "pure clear" with dye colors...
  2. I ended up "squeezing" the tubes and most of the sediment assimilated into the liquid however there were still a white "haze" in places. At that point I disassembled the entire loop and punted. Looking at my local Fry's I noticed every color of coolant has sediment on the bottom of the bottle outside of perhaps black. Back when I started the build I noticed such and wish I had given it more credence. Bottom line not sure it should be sold when clearly it isn't clear for long...
  3. Your best bet is to go to their site and fill out a RMA request. I heard back within a day each time I did...
  4. I noticed when originally purchasing my C1000 coolant all of the colors had some "sediment" on the bottom of the bottle. I tried to purchase the one with the least amount and noticed if I spun the bottle it would be dissolved (disappear). I also noticed it had a two year shelf life if I remember... That was roughly six months ago and I just noticed I have a "massive" build-up on my tubes and I presume within the radiator and CPU block. My pump is working fine and has been set to its fastest setting. However of late I have been leaving the PC turned off for days at a time (up to a week) and then powered up for only a few hours with this cycle being repeated for months. The CPU temperature hasn't changed so the cooling process is still working. Also since I have noticed it (roughly three days ago) I have been running it for 12 hours a day or so and about 33-50% of the sediment (attached image is the current state) has been dissolved. So I'm hoping the rest will be as well... given a week or so. Anyone else seen such? Any hope it will entirely disappear?
  5. I would contact them via their RMA request page. I have always hear back within a day using such. My take is if I have an included cable with the case outside of the P1 I would try to swap it. My P1 and replacement P3 cables have been fine although I don't stress them to any degree. Since this thread has become dormant (to a large degree) I'm guessing the newer version is working fine. They switched to the 51 a while back and stopped shipping the 39 for replacements. Just checked on newegg and there are only two reviews for the 51 however both are five stars... it works. I'd give mine five as well although it's not nearly as "sexy" looking as the premium cable.
  6. They have revised the cable and stopped selling the prior version. I would presume older stock (of the cases) contain the older version. Physically they look a little different so one can probably tell which version you have... worse case they would ship you one of the new ones (not the premium version). The cable for my P1 is fine as well as a replacement they sent for a P3. Then again I don't game or whatnot. I did run one stress test for several minutes and it passed with flying colors.
  7. I received my replacement and it's the newly redesigned $29.99 branded model. I have a P1 and the replacement is much longer. Same part number as this guy although the beginning is different since it references an included riser versus retail. At least that is what support told me... I haven't used it so no feedback (yet). http://ttpremium.com/product/gaming-pci-e-3-0-x16-riser-cable/
  8. Has anyone used this new "redesigned" riser? If so, what is your experience... I have several builds that I'd like to use a riser for and so far I have refused to even attempt it... and I'm not charging clients for a $70 "premium" riser.
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