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  1. The 24pins and the 8pins of the PSU are securely connected to the motherboard, also it is connected thru the front panel pin slot, and i am not using any USB extension hub or the front panel IO in my case . anyway the issue was resolved, it was a conflict with the older/other versions of c++, on which i uninstall and reinstall the DPS app with its version of c++ and now it works perfectly.
  2. I purchase 850w RGB DPS G 2 days ago, installed it on my system, installed the apps register then log in, every thing seems to work perfectly, until the next day when i open again my PC, the app gives me three errors. 1st is say's "The fan speed of the power supply operates abnormally. Please make sure that your power supply fan is working", 2nd one say's "TEMPERATURE_WARN_STR_V..." and lastly "Warning! Detect abnormal activity on PSU. Please contact local retailer store for further assistance if you have questions in troubleshooting" i checked the fan of the PSU, it's spinning with the RGB lighting On. for the temps GPU sitting on 32C CPU around 42C-49C min max, basically on idle. I already notify the Shop where i bought the PSU about the error, but they haven't replied yet. also is it safe to use my system? everything seems to be normal except for these errors pop-ing up like crazy
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