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  1. I recently purchased a PCIe x16 Riser card which was instantly defective. After install my computer becomes sluggish and boots much slower. 
 I have latency issues, lockups and audio artifacts or stuttering. When(or if) it boots to desktop, it stays on for about 20 seconds then cuts power and reboots. It won't run any of my 3D or editing applications – as soon there is expected load to the GPU the computer cuts out. I tried changing the bios settings on the PCI-E slot from AUTO to Gen 3, but the problems remain.
 Without the riser card everything works flawlessly, but because of these power cuts I have now lost my WD Black 2.5'' 500GB HDD – so I am not only 46$ short because of this faulty riser card, but with a shorted out HDD I now have to bleed extra $ on a new HDD. So extremely frustrating! Motherboard Make/Model : Gigabyte GA-Z87N-Wifi Mini-itx LGA 1150
 GPU Make/Model : GeForce GTX 1070 AERO ITX 8G OC I sent an @ to support@thermaltake.de and cc’ed cs2@thermaltake, cs@thermaltake, mike.fierheller@thermaltakeusa.com and ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com waiting for a reply.
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