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  1. thank you sir... for your consideration! I resolved the software issue... and will pass on the cable... thanks Mike... so you can move on, nothing to see or sync here... thanks!
  2. never bothered with the junk cable.... (i'm not connecting a cheap cable to a $700 Video card) installed the video card direct to PCI slot on mother board... TT is ruining their market... with junk... now i got problems with junk fans... "Ring Plus 12" with the premium software...where it wont recognize the controller box... I doubt i will buy anymore of their product...really junk! Sorry guys... but you are what you do!
  3. so... the PCIE cables deal is still a problem... cause they just send you another cheap dis-functional PCIE riser... and not the one called TT Premium that supposed to work? So now... I'm looking at a $225.00 case , if i have to go and buy a $100.00 Thermaltake Riser Cables, or another make... this is not a fair to the customers! I will check back soon!
  4. hello... has this issue been resolved... i'm expecting the P5 case June 29 2017... is Thermaltake still shipping the old problematic PCIE cables, with new orders... 6 months, after this problem started? Issue resolved or not... sure would like a up-date... Thanks
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