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  1. And got it put together finally for the show.
  2. Then I continued work on the panels.. and that is where I am at this point... more updates as I do them..
  3. While I was working on the panels I started work on a PSU shroud that will house the Thermaltake 850w RGB PSU.
  4. RE Spartan

    Project FMT

    I want to share a quick project I am doing for PDXLAN which is about 3 weeks away as I write this. The project is in a Nanoxia Coolforce case and will feature parts from Thermaltake, Zadak511, Swiftech, Primochill, and others. I started the project about a month ago and have been working on it as I get time after work and on the weekends. So, first lets take a look at the case.. Now lets trim the fat and see what is left.. ya, not much left lol..but I can easily attach panels to this..so..I started making panels
  5. This is my choice for winner. Ron you have once again gone to another level of WOW!
  6. Awesome desk/rig combo/scheme you got there sir!
  7. I just won a V1 in the giveaway. Mine won't have all the high end parts in it but hopefully I can do it justice. I love this one! White is my color. Reminds me of a resident evil build I saw once.
  8. Very nive! I just saw this on Facebook too! Love it!
  9. <3 Thank You! There was a slight bit of modding involved as well.
  10. very nice battle station ya got there!! great work!
  11. Looking for the stuff to me is one of the funnest parts of the build process
  12. <3 Thank you! I see your a fellow Spartan fan. Awesome. I recently acquired a NZXT Spartan Helmet to go next to my pc!
  13. #### are you friggin kidding me!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!!!! #### #### #### ####
  14. just prep the surface well ..primer and paint it...its just that easy
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