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  1. And got it put together finally for the show.
  2. Then I continued work on the panels.. and that is where I am at this point... more updates as I do them..
  3. While I was working on the panels I started work on a PSU shroud that will house the Thermaltake 850w RGB PSU.
  4. RE Spartan

    Project FMT

    I want to share a quick project I am doing for PDXLAN which is about 3 weeks away as I write this. The project is in a Nanoxia Coolforce case and will feature parts from Thermaltake, Zadak511, Swiftech, Primochill, and others. I started the project about a month ago and have been working on it as I get time after work and on the weekends. So, first lets take a look at the case.. Now lets trim the fat and see what is left.. ya, not much left lol..but I can easily attach panels to this..so..I started making panels
  5. This is my choice for winner. Ron you have once again gone to another level of WOW!
  6. Awesome desk/rig combo/scheme you got there sir!
  7. I just won a V1 in the giveaway. Mine won't have all the high end parts in it but hopefully I can do it justice. I love this one! White is my color. Reminds me of a resident evil build I saw once.
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