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  1. Dear Mike, I've sent you an email regarding the riser cable shipped a while ago and it came faulty. But was dissapointed to even go through the same hasstle again. Thanks inform if there's a working cable can be shipped as its the main reason for buying the case in the first place. And the current one is getting me nuts. Thanks for your usual support.
  2. Update: Received the cable last Monday at night. It's the exact same cable with no change in the length or the type, have been trying the cable for 2 days. First time it didn't boot, so I tried to move the cable slightly out of the PCI Express slot and it worked with very very low FPS. Didn't even boot some games. Tried again by moving it out again and it worked but with beeping sound that the VGA has problem. I ignored it and made some tests and it worked flawlessly. And left the PC for 2 days working without rebooting or powering it off as I was already downloading some stuff and also I w
  3. Update: Received mail from Thermaltake CS and also Mike for forwarding the case and asking about the postal code and the serial number for the case. Sent the info needed and waiting for feedback regarding the delivery. Thanks to Mike for caring. About the new cables received. Is there any working guaranteed cable to receive, as I heard ppl here receive different cables. Also, If the premium cable is working. Does it come as a replacement for the faulty one for charge or for free?? Thanks.
  4. I have the same issue, when connecting the cable... performance drops and stuttering occurs. Sent an e-mail to thermaltake for replacement. I live in Egypt so, will there be any problems in the shipping ? and if so, how long will it take ?
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