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  1. I found a video on youtube regarding this issue and a test with: EZDIY NEW PCI Express 16x Flexible Cable Card Extension Port Adapter High Speed And many people even added ratings 5 with a comment regarding Thermaltakes cables... I have ordered one my self. Still waiting for it... shall be here in a week or so... Good luck!
  2. You did? Didn't get any response at all :/
  3. This is annoying, I also got problems. First, my computer started up fast with my x299 Asus Tuf Mark 1 and Thermaltake ps 3 core I got yesterday. Later on, I removed the cable because I needed to put in a USB cable on the motherboard. Then gently add the PCIe cable back again. This time my boot hanged and the motherboard complaint about VGA. After reading some posts and saw a youtube clip regarding almost the same problem I took it out and put in again and straighten it a little bit. Now my computer starts but the boot does not hang but something happening, it takes time to boot up my computer, but no VGA errors. Regardless that I can't watch youtube clips anymore. As you can see on my image. I have tried all settings for tearing problems etc... And I still get this boot issue... When I try my asus gtx 1080 on the pcie slot it works fine. So it's something strange with this cable. And it's odd that it's not fixed though it seems like the problem has existed back in time... Did anyone get the same problem as I? 1st... Hang at boot when it says press bios. 2nd...It takes time to boot up stand still at bios screen (have 1 sec on bios so it's not set to higher value regarding boot) 3rd.. Stream videos got tearing regardless of vsync settings, HW acceleration on off (problem in all browsers) 4th... Sometimes I got a driver error, only got it twice after some reboots... Not sure if it was because of reboot after installing a program. I haven't tried 3d games yet, I do not have any atm though my computer is fresh installed, 3D Mark worked fine, but cpu benchmark showed tearing videos in the video-test-section. Mem is ok, cpu is ok when testing. No problem with heat.
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