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  1. How are you guys? Hope everyone is safe.. just checking if there's an update.. Take care everyone..
  2. goodluck everyone.. i vote my self im super happy. because i make it to the top 20 thank you Thermaltake
  3. Project : Level 20VT Engine! Modder Name : Roneal Castro Thermaltake Level 20VT Chassis Thermaltake ToughPower PF1 ARGB 1200 Watts PSU This Build is a Engine Concept that i use My Level20 VT Casing. Our plan is to use smoke diy on it but our diy smoke got overheat thats why we didnt able to use it and we vertical and focus more on the chassis by Etching the Glass Panel and make it clean inside as much as possible... we forget the smoke diy and move forward to the build and finish it before the deadline. its my pleasure and my dream to join to a rig event of Thermaltake. its my dream that hopefully someday i be able to join TT Modding Team. and now i present to you guys my humble Rig. we all know that we are having a pandemic but dont loose hope. everything will be alright.. keep safe everyone! Happy Modding!
  4. I vote for india. Not because i dont like PH team. I choose him. Because he have great combination of color and design that match the music. Goodluck. Everyone. Go Maulik Patel.
  5. As of now i cant decide. I already saw some sample of sir jonathan and maulik. Im. Still waiting for sir samuel and timmy for their sample neon display. As of now my choice is sir maulik. But i did not vote yet. Im still waiting for the sample of the contestant..
  6. Final Vote is finish.. Top 5 Russia Thailand China South Korea Philippines Congrats everyone! We learn many things in this event.. Thank you Thermaltake! We love it so much..
  7. Congrats everyone Thanks for the wonderful event.. More Power Thermaltake and Godbless!
  8. Just want to share my modding quest. Heres my build no.6 at Thermaltake Core P5 Casing. And hope to learn and build more LCS in the future.. And im proud to be a Thermaltake Fan!
  9. Maybe i can be a moderator to your forum. So that i can removed and blocked all the spammers in every section of the forum. My name is Roneal Castro. Im always online. And hope to. Invite more thermatake enthusiast to join this page..
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