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  1. Same here just updated to V 1.2.4, F 2.0.2 - all drives getting pinged every 4 seconds or so just like prior versions. Even worse, when I close/exit the program now, instead of leaving the lighting profile that was last set, it looks like it switches to a slow wave pattern. Reverted back to 1.1.7 to avoid the wave pattern problem. I'd love to hear the replay of the meeting where everyone decided switching to the wave pattern after closing the program was a great feature that users would really appreciate.
  2. No change with using the new version. I suspect your software is polling the HWInfo and getting information for every sensor in the system every 4 seconds rather than just the ones it needs... including the information for every single hard drive. I see that when I click the "Info" link it pulls up all of the HWInfo sensors. I don't see anything in the TT RGB Plus software that makes use of the hard drive HWInfo other than that info link. Am I missing something? The only sensors I see the software making use of would be the system/CPU temperature and FAN RPMs. There must be a way to shut this off or allow the option of shutting it off... or at least a way for the software to pull only the sensor info that it needs, and only when it needs to, using the HWInfo SDK. Your software appears to be designed so that it is always running. As such it's foolish and wasteful for it to be doing anything that is not absolutely necessary, especially every four seconds. The 6x Proboxes are all connected via USB. The PCIe Supermicro SAS controller hosts the 5x 8TB and 1x 6TB drives. Your software does not behave differently whether I have one Probox powered up or all six. It is still showing activity every four seconds while TT RGB Plus is running, and it stops when I exit the TT RGB Plus. So then honestly you're telling me that you can't reproduce this problem and see brief drive activity every four seconds while TT RGB Plus is running (and it stops when you exit)? Am I just a crazy customer seeing blinky drive activity light hallucinations then, who doesn't know anything about anything? I guess that would be the easiest thing for you to think since it involves less thought and work on your part.
  3. TTRGB Plus V 1.1.6, F 2.0.2 Windows 10 Pro, 4x Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400 4GB RAM, Core i7-8700K CPU, Gigabyte Z370XP SLI motherboard, Samsung 960 EVO 250GB M.2 SSD, Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 8-Channel SAS/SATA Adapter Thermaltake Core V71 Tempered Glass Edition case w/ Toughpower DPS G GB1500w power supply LED/RGB Accessories: Pacific Lumi Plus 16.8 Million Colors Magnetic LED Strip 3 Pack Floe Dual Riing RGB 280 TT Premium Edition AIO Liquid Cooling 2x Riing Plus 20 LED RGB Case Fan TT Premium Edition Riing Plus 14 LED RGB Case Fan TT Premium Edition Hard drives: 5x HGST Ultrastar He8 8TB 1x Seagate 6TB 6x Mediasonic Probox USB3 HDD Enclosures - 20x Seagate Constellation ES.2 3TB - 4x Misc 500GB
  4. With the hard drive polling... imagine I have an idle system with 6x Mediasonic Probox enclosures, 4 drives in each. There's a light bar across the front with 4 LED lights, one per drive indicating activity. My PC case also has a hard drive activity light. When I open the TT RGB app, all 24 lights on the enclosures blink at the same time every 4 seconds or so, along with the hard drive activity light on the PC case. This happens continuously until I completely exit the TT RGB app. There is no other piece of software in the system causing this, and it can be reliably reproduced. Please have a look at your program. I would at least like to know why it's accessing all the drives every four seconds, but would prefer to be able to disable this feature in that it seems unnecessary for an app that just changes my PC case lighting. If you're unable to figure this out I think it would be fair to provide some documentation on API/SDK that lets me write my own software that can change the lighting so that I can create something that does not poll my hard drives every 4 seconds. Thanks.
  5. I am using Windows 10 and the TT DPS G App Ver 3.0.2. I would like to know a few things about how to configure the software: 1. How can I prevent the program's main window from popping up every time I log in to my PC. Can it run minimized to tray without opening the window first? Also, is there a way to prevent the program from running when Windows starts? I don't see any configuration options. 2. I noticed the program is polling my hard drives every second while it's running. I would like to disable this feature, my system has 30 hard drives, many of them in external enclosures, and the software keeps the activity lights blinking. How can I disable hard drive monitoring on DPS G in Windows? I am also using TT RGB Plus in Windows 10. I have two hubs with 2 LED strips, 3x 140mm fans, and cooling block. I also have a few questions with this one: 1. How can I prevent this program from running when Windows starts? I have unchecked the box in the tray icon pop-up menu yet it is still running every time I start up. 2. I noticed the program is polling my hard drives every 4 or 5 seconds while it's running. I would like to disable this feature. How can I disable hard drive monitoring in TT RGB Plus? Also, why is it monitoring my hard drives? It seems this has nothing to do with any of the RGB lighting effects. Last, a final question. Is there a software development kit available for the TT RGB features, or a command line interface for Windows where a user could issue commands to control the effects and lighting? Let me know, thanks.
  6. What I am really aiming to do is set up something that can interface with multiple power supplies on a single PC. With the current software I am having trouble with the existing software wattage readout on my 1500w supply : https://prnt.sc/gnalmj It also won't let me enter decimal points in the cost per kwh, rendering that feature useless. I don't think it's fair that these power supplies have such rich hardware, but no software to adequately interface with it. Seems like a waste.
  7. Is there a software development kit available that would allow me to access the smart power management features of the power supply from my own application? If not are there any plans to make this available? I am very interested in this. Thank you.
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