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  1. I've got a few new issues with my fans an was hoping you could help me out! I've got 6 TT Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium fans hooked up to 2 separate controllers (3 for radiator / 3 for case..daisy chained). My first question is...am I able to take the controller that has the 3 radiator fans connected to it and run a cable to my CPU_Fan header? If so...what cable would I use?! I know when you guys sell the fan / radiator combo the controller is setup a bit differently..but I purchased the premium plus fans and installed them separately. Second question is..I see on this video that there's a "copy" button to sync all of your fans in the application...the new software doesn't have that. The only way I can sync my fans is through my iOS app and any time I load that the fans are on a non-stop reset loop. No matter what setting I use, when I select a fan it resets to the "wave" setting and resets the color before completing the circle and turning to the next color. Thanks guys!!
  2. I literally made an account just to respond to this thread...THANK YOU! I honestly can't believe I never googled this before and I've ALWAYS had this error. Who knew it was such a simple fix. You're a lifesaver.
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