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  1. I tried superglue and it just snapped again Good luck with your warranty.
  2. Exact same problem, did you ever get a fix/warranty replacement?
  3. Did anyone have any joy with customer support, getting this fixed? My mouse wheel died too. I took it apart, there's the thinnest bit of plastic that flexes if you push down on the wheel - that's what breaks. I paid serious dollarydoos to import the Hatsune Miku special edition one so I'm SOL on warranty I would guess as it was JP only.
  4. Did either of you guys have success fixing or getting a replacement? Cheers.
  5. This has just happened to me. I only signed up to this forum to complain about the [redacted] quality of thermaltakes products, first the pcie riser cable fiasco now this.... obviously my fault for keeping on buying their products! This mouse is less than one year old!!!!
  6. Just an update, received my replacement cable and *touch wood* seems to be working OK! No more errors spewing out of my console!
  7. Thought I'd weigh in on this. I too emailed info@thermaltake.com, however it's probably better just to directly submit an RMA request on the website, as per their reply email to me: I have one of the "older style" riser cables and was getting system hangs, glitches, crashing and terrible performance as well. Meanwhile my new PC is sitting caseless as I wait for a replacement cable.
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