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  1. I'm in Europe too and i emailed info@thermaltake.com for a replacement as per 1st post template, took a while but i finally received the replacement a couple of days ago.
  2. Maybe if you're lucky and have the white clip version, you will get a replacement, but if you have a newer black version one, it's your problem. Seeing the cost of the premium cable together with the cost of the case, it ain't worth it... Hopefully some competition will make a similar case with a working riser and they'll have a winner.
  3. Sent the email as in 1st post of this thread on September 10th and also the eRMA from the website, no reply anywhere yet Have the P3 Core Black with the newer style riser with the black clip and it's been causing a 0.25s lag spike on start of every process, after a couple of weeks it got worse and started doing it all the time, benchmark scores dropped by half. Had to buy a GTX 1070 to fit directly on the motherboard as my 980Ti is too long and had no problems since so it's 100% the riser...
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