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  1. Replaced my  RAYSTORM NEO with the Pacific W6 Water Block and am more than pleased with the replacement except; I'm curious as to why the TTRGB Plus Version 1.3.4 does not have a W6 choice but does have a W4 choice that does allow RGB 'Light Mode' choices; also why the TEMP reads 0C/32F? 


  2. Tower 900:  TT RGB Plus: I have four controllers running 13 fans and would like  profile for all controllers rather than one controller with five profiles. When I get ready to play such games as Battlefield I need one profile for all controllers. How about profile activation linked to different applications (*.exe) like Logitech gaming does with their gamepad profiles.
    Why does the TEMP show 0/32 F  V1.33, F202  while AI Suite III Dual Intelligent Processors 5 screen show CPU 98 F?

  3. Here is what I'm experiencing with the controllers not showing fans differently for each controller. If I set controller 1 to show fans 1 thru 5 all four controllers show the same fans 1 thru 5. Now if I go to any other controller and  bring forward fan 5 all the other controllers follow. I would think that each controller should show fans individually. Incidentally the driver version that I recently downloaded was the ticket to at least get the software to behave as it is supposed to.

    Controller 1.JPG

    Controller 2.JPG

    Controller 3.JPG

    Controller 4.JPG

    TT RGB Plus_Setup_1.2.61 .JPG

  4. Apologies for the delayed response. Here is some good news tough. Just installed a brand new Riing 14 Plus 5 fan pack I ordered from Amazon. The controller was very new in that the power cable was not attached and the fan ports are embossed with number 1 through 5. The are working with the software (version 1.2.0.F2.03) as expected. I have a RMA for the three older controllers and hopefully they will be like these new controllers.
    ROG Zenith Extreme with Threadriper 1950X.
    Fan 1 & 2 are displayed behind fans 3,4,5. To bring fans 1&2 forward just click on the gray area in the back. 



  5. Happy to report that I just got a new 5 fan pack and the controller is different in that the power feed cable is sleeved and has some sort of interface inside the sleeve close to the power plug that plugs into the controller also the controller has the fan port numbers embossed.  I think Thermaltake has finally got this hardware compatible with the ROG Zenith Extreme with the Threadripper 1950x. Now I am waiting on replacements for three controllers that are not compatible.

  6. I have two individual loops one for the Threadripper1950x and one for the momory and the GTX 1080Ti GPU.
    The reservoir for the memory/gpu loop continually drops level and I can find no evidence of a leak in that loop.
    Is there a trick to find out if this is due to evaporation/micro leak that is not visible? 

  7. Is it possible to rotate the top of the reservoir so the ports can be better aligned? Being persnickety I would like to rotate the top so Thermaltake script is in line with the front of the Tower 900 case it is in. In the attached image I would like to rotate the top about 30 degrees counterclockwise.


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