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  1. Not sure why, I have an email from TT support that says mine is being shipped out. I am in Canada though.
  2. Done before I posted on the forums. I did receive an email today telling me they are shipping out a new cable.
  3. Old post but did not see an answer. You should be able to download the Asus software for your MB and control the fans from there since you are using the MB header. There also could be an option in your BIOS to control the fans as well.
  4. I just installed the same one, I used the controller that came with it, I didn't bother to try on the RBG header on the MB. If you power up the controller with the molex connector and hit mode it should cycle through the different colors. I haven't looked at the spec for the power requirement for the RGB connector but your MB should output at 12v, where I think the RGB for the W4 is 5v. So you have to use the controller that comes with it. If it is not switching colors than you could have possibly damaged it using the MB header, or it's just a fluke and you have a bad one. Either way see if you can get it replaced under warranty.
  5. My first thought is to make sure you are using the right amount of thermal paste on the CPU. If you are putting too much then it won't transfer the heat out quick enough. With only cooling the CPU with a D5 you should not be hitting 80c+ even overclocking. Also make sure your rad fins are clean and that the fans are running fast enough to keep up with the cooling needs. From the picture your PC looks clean so I just want to cover all the basics. I would say your loop looks fine as the D5 will add some heat but not enough that it should be killing you with only the CPU in the loop.
  6. I just installed the 360 into my Core P5 case. The height is exactly 16 inches with the plug in the bottom or 408mm. 5 inches (127mm)wide and 3 1/2 inches (88.9mm)deep including the fans mounted to it. I bought the Pacific RL360 kit http://ttpremium.com/product/pacific-rl360-water-cooling-kit/, so the fans are the riing 12, there are 3 of them. The height at 360mm is not including the intake and output on the top of the rad. 360mm is the size of the actual rad itself for cooling. Hope that helps!
  7. Just throwing my hat into the ring with this problem. Just bought a Core P5 it has the white clip on the riser cable and my video card (Asus Poseidon 1080ti) on MB(Asus ROG maximus Hero X AC wifi w/ i7-8700k) and when I check the video card with GPU-Z it is showing that it is only able to come up at x8 1.1. I am sure it is in the correct PCIe slot and the BIOS even if I force it to x16 gen3 I still only get x8. Funny how you know there is a major problem when you run a benchmark on the video and the result was WAY under my 1060 GTX card, and barely better than a built in laptop graphics card lol. I sent in the email yesterday as per Mike, so I will have to hurry up and wait. Not to be "that guy" but if this has been going on since Feb 2016 why are these white clip cables still being shipped with newer stock?
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