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  1. It would be a shame to not share what happened after all so this is an update just for those who will land on this thread searching for a similar answer ... after my last message here I sent simultaneously, emails to all the available services of Thermaltake around the world in order to see who will respond after all ... After one day the email I sent to the HQ at Taiwan got a response and I was seriously surprised to realize that they were asking for my address in order to sent me the PSU Cover ... No strings attached!!! I must say that this was a big surprise for me after the frustration I went through to that point. After I replied with my info they obviously sent the PSU cover without asking for anything in return ... and I just got it delivered on my hands today ....! Thermaltake just won a devoted customer after that and my gratitude will be shown in many ways by letting everyone know on stream - on site and ofc on social media how I was treated after my request ...! It is a shame though that no other region responded as long as this is what leads people to become frustrated and damages the company's authority when it comes to customer care, but Taiwan did by all means and this is what matters in the end! So thanks also for "Guru" who was after all the one who led me to the answer and solution ... thanks man I appreciate that!
  2. That is for sure my friend Following your suggestion I made one more attempt to contact your services via email (I had no luck getting a response 2 times already) and I sent this to all the regions I could in my final attempt to locate ... Now we will see ...! (Fingers Crossed)
  3. Thanks again for your response Guru ! Now that's an answer I might be able to work with. The thing is that even if I wish I was living in US ... I live in Europe :S Considering your answer I guess that means that there is no chance I will be able to get this PSU cover in any way If what I say above stands true is there a way I could get at least a top side and side side image with its metrics ? I think I might be asking for a lot here but this will probably help me to replicate this PSU cover and have this crafted for me here. If you are able to provide that info it will be much appreciated my friend unless there is still an option for someone who lives in Europe in order to just buy it and get done with it! Have a nice day and thanks again for responding!
  4. I honestly appreciate your intentions mate ... I really do! I know exactly why I want this Bloo-dy PSU Cover as long as I made the decision to use this case in Order to Build a project for my personal reasons I am not after anything functional if I am to put aside only the protection it can offer In case of a leak on the Loop and avoid having the leak reaching the inserts of the cables on the back of the PSU. If you take a closer look it also comes with SSD mounting positions on top of it, it has a cut before it meets the Mobo side (through which you can route cables ofc) and it has also a cable management hole on top of it to pass through the GPU Cable/s. It serves a lot on covering all the ugly stuff and it offers a clean and ergonomicall option I am not going to use the PSU as an exhaust because It will lead towards what I would like to avoid which is the negative pressure. The PSU will face down on my scenario. What frustrates me the most is that it has been 2 weeks now that I am trying to get a response from Thermaltake .... with no luck ... If I was to make my own I knew that Option from the very beginning but I was never expecting to be so hard ignored from a company Like Thermaltake on such a topic ... I am dissapointed that as a customer I am getting ignored on that (2 weeks 2 messages asking for the same thing). Anyway thanks again for your response svx94
  5. Thanks for your response. May I please ask my question again? (taking always into account what you said about the GPU). Where can I find the "PSU Cover" which is made for this case from Thermaltake and comes with the Cover Edition of the V71 and is not inside the TG edition? I wan't that specific one with its cuts the ssd bays on it and the cable management hole and all made from metal which is how it is deliver if I am to guess based on the pictures of the Cover Edition of the V71. PS: I get it that you made your decisions with specific orientation regarding the TG edition ...! I am just going beyond that and I want to use Your PSU cover ... give me an out here! How Can I get this PSU cover! ?
  6. Hey everybody! I will be joining this group soon as long as I have my V71 tempered glass edition on its way. I have a question though ... and I found myself unable to figure this out on my own even after trying to get an official answer from TT through their contact form (I never got a response in 2 attempts) or by trying to wipe out the web for an answer. Unfortunately this case has a low "Buzz" and you can't find many threads about it online. MY QUESTION: As long as we are given 3 options for this case (the standard version - the one with the PSU cover - and the One with the Tempered Glass) ... I decided for obvious reasons to go on with TG version. The thing now is that I want that bloo-dy PSU cover for my chassis because it is a must for the TG version as long as all the PSU cable mess will be exposed totally and there are not many options to deal with it otherwise. HOW can I get this PSU cover ??????? Thanks in advance for any answer on that simple question.
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